Exhibitor: Palsgaard

Product: Palsgaard IceTriple 102 

New Palsgaard emulsifier/stabilizer system with lower guar gum introduced

For years, ice cream manufacturers and developers have struggled to optimize three main characteristics that determine an ice cream’s overall quality: creaminess/sensory features, ability to withstand heat shock, and melting resistance. Palsgaard IceTriple 102, a new version of the Palsgaard IceTriple concept from Palsgaard A/S featuring lower guar gum content, is a fully integrated system of emulsifiers and stabilizers specially combined to best satisfy the main criteria for producing the best-quality ice cream by:Palsgaard IceTriple scoops

  • Adding an extremely smooth and creamy sensation.
  • Providing excellent heat shock stability that ensures a pleasant texture and mouthfeel even after repeated exposure to fluctuating temperatures.
  • Delivering the slowest melting rate.

Moreover, lower guar gum content in the stabilizers reduces their cost without reducing their capabilities.

Palsgaard IceTriple 102 contains a combination of propylene glycol esters of fatty acids (PGMS) and mono-diglycerides. PGMS ensures that the smooth texture of the ice cream will not change when exposed to heat shock. At the same time, the mono-diglycerides contribute to the creaminess and melting resistance.

Smooth and creamy sensation
Creaminess is determined by a complex interaction between raw materials, composition of the recipe and the production process and defined mainly by distribution of air bubbles in the end product – a phenomenon in which emulsifiers play an important role. Traditionally, a certain fat content has been required to create a fat globule network surrounding and stabilizing the air cells. Palsgaard IceTriple 102 adds an extremely smooth and creamy sensation to ice cream and allows for significant fat reductions without compromising on either the sensory characteristics, the melting profiles or the heat shock stability.
Melting profile is strongly influenced by the choice of emulsifiers, which control the degree of protein desorbtion during the aging of the emulsion and affect crystallization of the fat content. As such, they also play an important role in preparing the mix for freezing and aeration. An improved melting profile is ensured primarily through the presence of the mono-diglycerides contained in the Palsgaard IceTriple combination.

In many parts of the world, ice cream is exposed to fluctuating temperatures before consumption, which in most cases will damage its texture, mouthfeel and appearance. Palsgaard IceTriple 102 provides excellent heat shock stability for ice cream, which ensures a pleasant texture and mouthfeel even after repeated exposure to fluctuating temperatures. In addition, with Palsgaard Ice Triple 102, heat shock sensitivity is minimized even in low-fat formulations, where the risk of damage to the ice cream is reduced in fat when standard emulsifier systems are used.

Non-conventional stabilizers
The choice of stabilizers has a crucial impact on the sensory experience of ice cream. Conventional stabilizers used in ice cream production are useful for fine-tuning the sensory profile of the final product and retarding the growth of ice crystals that could affect the creaminess and texture. However, they cannot endure repeated temperature fluctuations. Special stabilizers in the Palsgaard IceTriple 102 system provide the endurance against repeated temperature fluctuations that conventional stabilizers for ice cream production cannot provide and at a reduced cost due to their lower guar gum content.

About Palsgaard

Palsgaard A/S, headquartered in Juelsminde, Denmark, is a specialist in manufacturing emulsifiers, stabilizers and other specialized ingredients for application in the bakery, dairy, chocolate, ice cream, margarine, and fine food sectors. With pilot plants within these areas, Palsgaard goes beyond simply supplying ingredients by offering comprehensive customer support, making the step between initial ideas and production as small as possible. The company manufactures its products to HACCP principles and is ISO 9001, ISO 22000/FSSC22000 certified. In addition, Palsgaard focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility and is a member of the RSPO, GreenPalm, Sedex and UN Global Compact.For more information, visit www.palsgaard.com.