By Cipriani Harrison Valves Corp.

Cipriani Harrison Hygienisea ValveCipriani Harrison Valves Corp. introduces a brand new weir-type Diaphragm Valve. Cipriani’s 40-Series Diaphragm Valve utilizes a patented new design called Hygieniseal — a stainless steel O-ring is molded directly into the rubber diaphragm. The stainless O-ring forms a circumferential stationary seal as close to the product flow path as possible. The O-ring absorbs the compressionary forces that typically harm or destroy a rubber diaphragm and transforms them into sealing forces, creating the optimum hygienic seal or Hygieniseal.

Cipriani’s Hygieniseal design is the latest advancement in sanitary weir diaphragm technology. The 40-Series diaphragm valve has passed 3A / Ehedge cleaning validation and was recently authorized by 3A. Cipriani is launching ½-inch to 1-inch sizes this year with larger valves coming online next year. Compact, lightweight and extremely sanitary the new 40-Series weir diaphragm valve from Cipriani Harrison Valves is an economic solution to your aseptic processing valve requirements. To find out more please contact Cipriani Harrison Valves at

SOURCE: Cipriani Harrison Valves Corp.