Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest is sponsored by the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association,Entry forms to the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest have been sent out to dairy plants in the United States and Canada. The contest is sponsored by the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association, Madison, Wis.

This year’s contest has been expanded to include a wider variety of dairy products: cheese, yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, sour cream based-dips, whipping cream, sherbet, buttermilk, nonfat dried milk, butter, cottage cheese, whey, fluid milk and an innovative category.

With a comprehensive format, this contest will be the only judging contest of its kind in North America, according to the WDPA. There will be 78 classes for companies to compete in. In addition to awarding 78 first place trophies, there will be three Grand Champions: cheese & butter, Grade A products and ice cream. Dairy Foods sponsors the Grand Champion ice cream trophy.

Companies may submit as many entries as they wish. All entry forms must be mailed to the Wisconsin Dairy Products Assn. by July 23, 2012. Winners will be notified after judging. Winning entries will be auctioned off on Oct. 2 at the World Dairy Expo in Madison. A portion of the auction proceeds fund the Dr. Robert Bradley Scholarship, which is awarded to a student pursuing a career in the dairy industry.

To receive an entry form, contact the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association at 608-836-3336 or via email at info@wdpa.net. Complete contest information is on the association's website, www.wdpa.net.