Give the shopper what she wants. A survey showed that high-quality ingredients were important to consumers, so Brown Cow, Antioch, Calif., re-did its lids.

High-quality ingredients were the No. 1 trait associated with Brown Cow yogurt, according to a proprietary survey conducted by Marketing Analysts Inc.

“Of the 27 tested, that trait was one of the most important traits to yogurt consumers overall, along with taste and availability,” said Colin Van Ostern, brand manager for Brown Cow.

So the company decided to launch new, flavor-specific foil lids on its 11 cream-top yogurts.

“Our new lids highlight these ingredients, and add taste appeal to the packaging,” Van Ostern said.

Full-color photos of the flavor (blueberries, apricot mango, chocolate and others) dominate the new foil lids that debuted this March. The words “cream top,” the company’s logo and Lily the brown cow are also included. The back side of the seal is blank.

Previously, the same lid was used on all flavors, be it a recipe or the promotion of a product attribute, such as when the brand achieved American Humane Certification.

Van Ostern said that printed lids cost slightly more but “they are an important billboard to communicate with consumers.”

Brown Cow used its Facebook page ( to generate excitement for the new seals. The company posted a photo album with all 11 flavors and captions such as: “The new lid for our Blueberry Cream Top yogurt will have you looking for blue, but feeling nothing but pure happiness.” and “Wake up! There’s a new lid in town. But the Coffee Cream Top inside hasn’t changed one bit.” The photo gallery generated many comments and likes.

To highlight the fact that Daisy Sour Cream is a 100% natural product, the Dallas-based brand’s latest foil seal campaign highlights scenic images from around the United States.

The Grand Canyon, Montana’s Glacier National Park, Alabama’s Little River Falls and Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, Calif. are some of the full-color images Daisy Brand chose to spotlight.

In addition to the photo, the seal lists the location of the image and the statement “Enjoy 100% natural beauty.”

When peeled back, the underside reads: “Daisy is made with 100% natural ingredients, without added hormones or preservatives. We hope you enjoy.”

The graphics and copy also complement the “Pure & Natural” phrase on the front of the sour cream container.

The fourth-generation family-owned company has been using designs on its foil seals for about a decade, said Craig Ziemkiewicz, senior brand manager, sour cream. Any cost difference at this point is not an issue.

“It is added touches like this that show the care and dedication that goes into every product we sell,” he added. “We don’t consider the alternative. The foil design is just part of our package.”

Prior to the natural beauty campaign, past foil lid designs have focused on freshness and inspirational phrases. Messages and images are updated regularly to keep it fresh for consumers.

After 24 months of research and development, Oregon-based Tillamook County Creamery Association launched in January a 10-flavor line of light yogurt made with Truvia natural sweetener. Emphasizing the company’s “5 No’s,” the foil seal states: “To make the best tasting, highest quality light yogurt, we just said NO.” The seal lists what the company does not use, including artificial sweeteners and artificial growth hormones.

“We wanted to celebrate these aspects where consumers would see them first,” said Jay Allison, vice president sales and marketing.

Calories (110 per cup) are also noted. Allison explained that the company logo includes a key messaging point: the association has been farmer-owned since 1909.

Once opened, consumers find the message: “And we said yes to YUM!” and a note to learn more by visiting the brand’s website.

While there is an additional cost to print on the underside, Allison said Tillamook wanted to give consumers “a little extra surprise and delight. The messaging reinforces, in a fun way our promise to offer the most consistent, best tasting, highest quality dairy products made in the most natural way possible,” he said.

The company used a similar technique to brand the seals on its line of Tillamook low-fat yogurt. The effectiveness of those graphics, Allison said, led to the decision to utilize the foil seals as a messaging platform for light yogurt. He notes the “yum” message is new and something that may evolve across the entire yogurt line.