By M&Q Packaging Corp.

M&Q Packaging Corporation announces the introduction of the MQ102 Side-Gusseted Bag for 40 pound cheese block applications. Developed with an eye towards delivering exceptional value through an aggressive price point below current market norms, but without sacrificing the performance characteristics cheese makers expect, the new MQ102 bag is available at 20 percent less than traditional gusseted bag offers. “Switching to the MQ102 Bag on just a single tower auto-loader can save a cheese processor up to $18,000 per year in packaging costs compared to customary gusseted bags. This is a great low cost alternative,” says Curt Rubinstein, manager of sales and marketing for M&Q Packaging.


The MQ102 Bag is a coextruded, multi-layered structure that locks out oxygen while retaining the proper amount of moisture inside which dramatically lessens waste due to mold growth; in addition, its precise, sharply-folded gussets provide a tight fit at the blocks’ corners after vacuumizing, improving yields by reducing trim loss. It runs on the industry standard tower auto-loading and vacuum systems with seamless change-over from traditional bags.
This high-performing three-mil material is stiffer than standard bags to conform warm, soft curd cheeses into smooth, attractive blocks while delivering abrasion and puncture resistant features along with exceptional seal strength. The MQ102 Bag has outstanding clarity for visual quality checks, and is available in clear and dairy blue options for easy material detection. It is both kosher and Halal approved.

M&Q Packaging will display the MQ102 Bag in its booth #847 at the International Cheese Technology Expo 2012, April 10-12, in Milwaukee, WI.

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