Philadelphia Indulgence is a chocolate cream cheese spread made with a blend of real, luscious chocolate and rich, creamy Philadelphia.Philadelphia Indulgence is a chocolate cream cheese spread made Kraft Foods’ Philadelphia cream cheese. Kraft calls it “a completely new way to enjoy chocolate whether paired with salty snacks, breads, fruit or alone on a spoon.”

The company has had great success with its Philadelphia Cooking Crème and with shredded cheeses that include the cream cheese brand. When Dairy Foods visited Kraft Foods in October 2011 to report on the Processor of the Year, the company hinted it was developing additional Philadelphia brand extensions.

Philadelphia Indulgence is positioned as an afternoon snack or as an evening treat. Serving suggestions include the product with Nabisco Nilla wafer cookies (a Kraft brand), with strawberries and with pretzels.

The food is sold in 8-ounce tubs in milk, dark and white chocolate varieties as well as four-packs of 1.25-ounce cups in milk and dark chocolate. A serving of any flavor contains 7 grams of fat and no trans fat. The dark chocolate flavor contains 110 calories and the other two contain 120 calories.

 Philadelphia Indulgence is sold in the cream cheese section of grocery stores. The suggested retail price for the 8-ounce tub is $2.99 and $1.99 for a four-pack of individual cups.