Decadence was one of Sophie Pachella’s objectives when she developed a Greek-style yogurt line for her New York City-based namesake company Sophie Yogurt.


And chocolate, a flavor not typically associated with refrigerated yogurt, yet alone Greek yogurt, was her first offering. Another chocolate variety — White Chocolate Almond — is in the works.
“I was inspired to create Sophie Yogurt because I wanted to fuel my [health and nutrition] clients with a nourishing food that would sustain and satisfy them,” she says. “I crafted the recipe at home and experimented until friends and clients agreed I’d hit upon a decadent treat that helped them stick to their healthy eating and fitness goals. Chocolate was the first flavor, and we grew from there.”
Available throughout the Big Apple, the other four varieties are: Banana Cream Pie, Vanilla Bean, Plain and Plain without Fiber. Each 5.3-ounce container delivers 17 grams of protein and 90 to 140 calories, depending on variety. The flavored yogurts, along with plain, also contain 2.5 grams of fiber in the form of oligofructose.