Recently, both whey powder and lactose prices have reached near all-time highs. These prices could remain at historic high averages as production shifts towards high protein whey products and lactose demand from infant formula and milk powder producers remains insatiable. While this is not the first time dairy prices have risen so quickly, unlike the last run-up in 2007 when food formulators could reformulate with less costly corn and corn-based alternatives, corn prices today are also significantly higher than average.

Fortunately, food manufacturers now have a better reformulation option with VersiLac, the highly versatile and innovative dairy solids ingredient from Proliant Dairy Ingredients. In VersiLac, food formulators have a high quality, low cost, dairy-based alternative to many higher priced dairy ingredients. Research at Proliant continues to show that VersiLac is a highly versatile dairy ingredient that can successfully replace whey powder, lactose, or nonfat dry milk / skim milk powder in a variety of food systems while maintaining a consistent dairy-based label vs. a corn-based label.

VersiLac is a natural, highly dispersible and soluble dairy ingredient. In controlled research studies focusing on reducing formulation costs, VersiLac successfully replaced up to 100% of whey powder, lactose, or non-fat dry milk and 10-25% of sugar, cocoa, butter, or salt in select bakery, confectionary, savory, and beverage applications. And considering the high cost of corn and corn-based ingredients, VersiLac also demonstrated exceptional versatility in replacing dextrose, maltodextrin, or corn syrup solids. Reducing ingredient costs provides a significant incentive for food companies to use VersiLac.

VersiLac is produced at Proliant’s Melrose, Minn., facility and is marketed across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Central and South America through Proliant’s global distribution network.

Proliant Dairy Inc.