Lucina Biaktiv
Czech Republic
From manufacturer Povitavské Mlékárny comes this probiotic cottage cheese sold under the Lucina Biaktiv brand name. It’s purported to have a beneficial impact on digestive microflora. Suggested retail price is 17 CZK (about 80 cents).
Activia Yogurt with Granola
Danone has launched its wildly successful Activia probiotic yogurt product in Israel. Manufactured by Strauss Dairies, Activia Yogurt with Granola contains Bifidus Regularis cultures to support digestive health; the product also comes in dried fruit and prune varieties. The 150 gram cups are sold in four-packs that retail for 2.50 ILS (about $3.30).
Moovit Nutritional Milkshake
South Africa
Enriched with gingko biloba, green tea and essential vitamins and minerals, Nutratec’s Moovit Nutritional Chocolate Milkshake is purported to stimulate the brain, support muscle growth and enhance all-around performance. The beverage is 2 percent fat and Halal certified, and contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Each 250 milliliter plastic bottle sells for .65 ZAR (about 87 cents).
Pura VidaYogurt Drink
Formulated with probiotic cultures to regenerate intestinal flora and enhance nutrient absorption, Gloria’s Pura Vida Yogurt Para Beber Light is sugar free and contains less than 1 percent fat. Available in a strawberry flavor, the beverage comes in 1-liter plastic bottles that retail for 3.65 PEN (about $1.14).
Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt
Meiji Dairies employs a unique “smoothing technology” to create this yogurt, which claims to have a rich body and refreshing aftertaste without the use of stabilizers. The apple variety contains sweet and sour Fuji apples, both crushed and diced. The 100 gram plastic cups — designed so the yogurt won’t splash when the top is removed — retail for 123 JPY (about $1).
Becel Yogurt Drink
Becel Omega 3 Plus Strawberry Yogurt Drink from Unilever is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. The product claims to keep the heart and blood vessels healthy, and balance microflora. Each four-pack of 100 gram plastic bottles retails for 2.62 euros (about $3.60).
Optifit Probiotic Drink
Nom Ag’s Optifit Cholest Drink is a fermented milk beverage that contains vegetable sterols aimed at helping to reduce cholesterol. The drink comes in a strawberry variety. Each four-pack of 100 gram bottles retails for 1.59 euros (about $2.19).
Parmalat Omega 3
Parmalat’s Omega 3 semi-skimmed milk claims to help reduce the impact of free radicals, the main cause of aging. With vitamins B6, C and E, the milk purports to help reduce cholesterol in the arteries. The 500 milliliter cartons retail for .95 euros (about $1.30).
Kraft Dairy Bites
These cheese snacks — aimed at kids with free collectable action hero cards — have 25 percent less fat than regular cheese sticks and claim to be a good source of calcium “for strong teeth and bones.” The 160 gram flexible plastic packages retail for 3.99 AUD (about $3.50).
SOURCE: Mintel’s Global New Products Database