Skimmed Bifidus Drinking Yogurt
Clesa Bifidus Desnatado Magro Skimmed Bifidus Drinking Yogurt contains no added sugar and is purported to help intestinal transit, stimulate natural defenses and improve calcium absorption. Available in Strawberry & Raspberry and Orange flavors, the cultured beverage sells in packs of four 180-gram bottles at a retail price of 2.09 euros (about $2.70). The Clesa brand has also just launched a spoonable version of its bifidus yogurt that claims the same nutritional benefits. Containing pieces of pear and chocolate, it’s available in packs of four 125-gram tubs that retail for 1.49 euros (about $1.93).
Peach & Mango Flavored Yogurt
Australian Co-Operative Foods has released this Ski D’like brand probiotic yogurt to the Singapore market. The Peach & Mango variety joins the rest of the lineup that includes Island Escape and Wildberry. With acidophilus and bifidus cultures and 99 percent fat free, the yogurt retails in a 1-liter pack for 7.25 SGD (about $4.72).
Coffee-Flavored Milk
This new range of ready-to-drink coffee-flavored milk beverages is sold under the Rauch Cafemio brand. The flavor line-up for this blend of creamy milk and iced coffee comprises Macchiato, Hazelnut, Cappuccino and Caramel. The 250-milliliter screw-top plastic bottles are shelf-stable and retail for 369 HUF (about $1.86).
Enriched Milk
José Sánchez Peñate has introduced Lilac Plus enriched milk. It’s skim milk fortified with omega-3, calcium, oleic oil, vitamins and fiber. The shelf-stable product is reported to have been reformulated to deliver a more complete nutritional package and help regulate cholesterol levels. Each 1-liter carton retails for 1.45 euros (about $1.87).
Hi-Calcium Sweetened Yogurt
Bulgaricus cultures form the probiotic basis for this new yogurt product sold in Vietnam under the Elovi brand. Each pack contains four 100-gram plastic pots at a retail price of 9600 VND (about 60 cents).
Strawberry-Flavored Milk
Danone has its sights set on the kids’ market with this new chilled strawberry milk product that contains yogurt culture. Each pack offers four 94.7-milliliter mini plastic bottles and free toys, at a retail price of 2.17 euros (about $2.80).
Kefir Sour Milk
This cultured dairy beverage from Hungarian dairy Kuntej contains 2.7 percent fat and living flora. Made from cow’s milk, it retails in a 450-gram gable-top carton for 124 HUF (about 62 cents).
Global sales of drinkable yogurt rose
18.4 percent to $7.76 billion between mid-2005 and mid-2006, according to an ACNielsen Global Services survey. That makes it the fastest-growing food category, among those with sales of more than $1 billion, in the world. Flavored milks posted a 10 percent gain to round out the top five.
SOURCE: Mintel’s Global New Products Database
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