Creators Briefs

White Tea
Robertet has introduced a new line of white tea flavors. Milder than both black and green teas, white tea possesses a wonderfully light, yet full-bodied tea character. Its slightly sweet flavor profile lacks the “grassy” undertones sometimes associated with green tea. Robertet’s white tea flavors blend exceptionally well with other tea profiles and fruit flavors. The flavors are natural and work well in a variety of applications, including dairy. — Robertet Flavors, (732) 981-8300,
Cool Flavors
Quest International has developed a range of unique cooling flavors to meet the fast-growing demand for refreshing effects in innovative new foods and drinks, especially in the dairy and confectionery markets. Among the key benefits of the new ImpaQ™ Cool range are that all its flavors are Nature Identical and U.S. Natural. With the latest cooling effects of Quest’s ImpaQ Taste Technology — and based on the taste receptor understanding of the original ImpaQ breakthrough of 2005 — Quest experts can now work with customers to produce innovative twists on much-loved foods, like refreshing dairy drinks with a crisp, cool sensation, even outside the refrigerator; creamy ice cream that retains an added burst of cooling, even when it melts; and chewing gum that holds its cooling effect in the mouth for much longer than previously possible. The addition of ImpaQ Cool also enhances the overall taste of these products. So its use overcomes any off-notes often found in processed dairy desserts and drinks. — Quest International,
Global Flavors
Givaudan Flavours has announced the introduction of its proprietary global trends program, FlavourVision™, and will roll it out to its customers globally early in 2007. FlavourVision distills Givaudan’s knowledge of the global savory, confectionery, beverages, dairy and citrus categories, as well as consumers’ interaction with the global marketplace, into and understanding of “what’s next.” FlavourVision provides product concept and flavor direction for today and the future, by integrating knowledge derived from myriad sources, including Givaudan proprietary programs such as TrendTrek®, Chef’s Council® and TasteTrek®, industry-leading consumer insight, market analysis, flavour expertise, and collaboration with the Givaudan Fragrance division. — Givaudan Flavours,
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