Creators Briefs

Mocha Espresso Crème
With the addition of Jana’s Classics and Guernsey Bel, Kerry Sweet Ingredients has developed a brand-new indulgent frozen dessert concept. Featuring a dark-roast, espresso-flavored ice cream swirled with a chocolate espresso variegate and mocha espresso mini inclusions, Mocha Espresso Crème imparts chewy textures and visual appeal. — Kerry Sweet Ingredients, (800) 255-6312,
Spreadable and Smooth
Danisco USA Inc. has introduced the Grindsted Pectin SF Extra series, designed for the jam, jelly and fruit-spread industry. Consumers are looking for more spreadable, creamy textured products with excellent fruit identity and suspension. In addition for contributing a smooth, creamy texture, the series controls fruit flotation, especially for whole berries. The series is suitable for a wide range of formulations with a variety of fruits and varying soluble solids content or pH. — Danisco USA Inc., (913) 764-8100,
Pine-Nut Oil for Thinness
Lipid Nutrition develops PinnoThin, a new appetite suppressant product derived from small seeds of the Korean pine-nut tree. PinnoThin suppresses appetite by stimulating the release of the hormone cholecystokinin. The active component is pinolenic acid, one of the major fatty acids present in the Korean pine-nut oil, stimulated the feeling of satiety. — Lipid Nutrition, (815) 730-5208,
Performance Peptide
Scientists at DSM Food Specialties have developed PeptoPro, a new active peptide ingredient for use in high-end foods and beverages for health-conscious consumers. PeptoPro is a casein hydrolysate produced using a new patented process, which hydrolyzes casein to produce small, non-allergenic peptides that are immediately available for the body’s use in muscle recovery during and after exercise. PeptoPro uses casein derived from milk, which offers a better balance of essential and non-essential amino acids than soy, wheat, corn or whey protein, making it better for protecting and building muscle. The casein hydrolysate is then treated with an enzyme that cleaves the peptide chains within the protein into a unique di- and tri-peptide combination, eliminating the bitter-tasting peptides and allergens, and allowing immediate uptake in the digestive system while supplying essential amino acids intact. The finished ingredient is an easy-to-handle powder that flows freely from the package, is highly water soluble, and remains stable in an acidic solution. — DSM Food Specialties,,
Locust Bean Gum
As manufacturers who work with the ingredient well know, locust bean gum prices have steadily increased over the past several months and are now nearly three times the previous level. To provide relief to food and beverage processors, TIC Gums is offering TIC Pretested Caragum 200 as a locust bean gum replacement that is effective and affordable. An all-natural gum system, TIC Pretested Caragum 200 is a special blend of locust bean gum and TIC Gums’ GuarNT Blend. The blend is an especially effective thickening agent that does not impart the off-flavor associated with traditional guar gum. Available in 50-pound bags, TIC Pretested Caragum 200 can be dry blended with other ingredients and dissolved in the water phase while mixing. It can also be incorporated as slurry into recipes with oil. — TIC Gums, (410) 273-7300,
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