Creators Briefs

Zest to Express
Treatt plc has launched CitreattTM Expressed Key Lime 4164, the latest addition to the Citreatt range of natural FTNF (from the named food) concentrated and terpeneless citrus oils. The fresh, authentic notes of Citreatt Expressed Key Lime 4164 enable perfumers and flavorists to capture the true character of key limes. Derived from the peel oil of key limes, Citreatt Expressed Key Lime provides a fruity, tangy lime flavor while retaining some of the creamy, juicy accents of the fresh fruit. The enhanced solubility of Citreatt Expressed Key Lime means it is particularly suitable for essence and beverage manufacture. Produced using a low-temperature, solvent-extraction technique, Citreatt citrus oils retain the volatile and non-volatile flavor components which may be lost during concentration by traditional methods. The result is a product with a rounder, smoother flavor profile. Other products in the range include orange, lemon, grapefruit, distilled key lime plus expressed lime, available in various concentrations.
— Treatt, (863) 668-9500,

Ethnic Desserts
International flavors are on the cutting edge of dessert offerings and Kerry is leading this trend with their regionally unique inclusions and authentic, transcontinental additions for frozen desserts. One such flavor concept is Kerry’s Caramel-Cinnamon Sopapilla, featuring dulce de leche ice cream swirled with a brown sugar variegate and sprinkled with cinnamon sopapilla pieces.
— Kerry Sweet Ingredients, (800) 255-6312, 

Hi-maize 5-in-1 Fiber Brochure
A new brochure for Hi-maize 5-in-1 Fiber, the natural resistant starch with five proven health benefits, is available from National Starch Food Innovation. The brochure provides details on the five benefits delivered by Hi-maize 5-in-1 Fiber: weight management, glycemic management, energy management, digestive health and high tolerance. The new brochure also highlights the advantages of Hi-maize 5-in-1 Fiber in processing and manufacturing. Hi-maize holds less water than other insoluble fibers, which results in easier ingredient mixing and higher productivity. Hi-maize can easily be incorporated into foods without impacting taste or texture and helps food manufacturers meet consumer needs by raising fiber content without changing the flavors and textures that consumers expect from the foods they enjoy.
— National Starch, (800) 797-4992,

DHA in Yogurt
Spanish company Priégola has launched Simbi + Omega-3 yogurt with Martek DHA. Now available in major supermarket chains throughout Spain, the yogurt is being marketed to children and adults for its brain health benefits. Martek DHA is an all-natural vegetarian source of docosahexaenoic acid, the key omega-3 fatty acid for brain development and function. Studies show that people of all ages may benefit from an adequate supply of DHA in the diet. Natural food sources of DHA are limited primarily to fatty fish, making it difficult for many people to get enough DHA in their diets.
—Martek Biosciences, (410) 740-0081,  
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