Lactel Jour Apròs Jour
This skim milk product contains antioxidants, selenium, vitamin E and zinc, purported to help protect body cells against aging. As such, the beverage targets mature adults. Each 1-liter plastic bottle retails for .99 euros (about $1.30).
1/2 Fat Fondue
Coop Lifestyle Weight Watchers offers this fondue cheese product that includes gruyòre and white wine. Each serving will cost the consumer 6.5 Weight Watchers points. It’s sold in a 360-gram, two-portion pack at a suggested retail price of 3.45 euros (about $4.50).
Becel Pro-Actif
Becel Pro-Actif Light Tropical Flavored Yogurt Drink — made with vegetable sterols and bifidus — claims it can lower a consumer’s cholesterol level. It’s sold in a 600-gram pack containing six servings in plastic bottles, each pack retailing for 3.99 euros ($5.29).
Tosh Sandwich de Helado
Tosh Sandwich de Helado ice cream sandwiches consist of Crem Helado ice cream between two fruit and cereal cookies for a treat that’s 92 percent fat free. Every 300-gram box contains five 60-gram packs each with two 30-gram sandwiches. Suggested retail per box is 6990 COP (about $3).
Milk Drink with Forest Fruits
At a cost of just one Weight Watchers point, a dieter can enjoy this 72-calorie milk beverage flavored with “forest fruits” including blackberries and elderberries (it’s also available in lemon and grapefruit). The pasteurized drink comes in a 500-milliliter plastic bottle that sells for .82 euros ($1.08).
Infantil Leche
La Serenísima has released this children’s milk fortified with extra calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins A, C and D. This gluten-free product is said to help growth. Each 1-liter aseptic carton sports an image of Mickey Mouse and sells for 2.79 ARS (about 90 cents).
SOURCE: Mintel’s Global New Products Database
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