Creators Briefs

Say Cheese
Manufacturers looking for consistent flavor and customized performance characteristics not available in regular cheese have an alternative in KerryXtra Cheese from Kerry Ingredients. A replacement for standard-of-identity cheeses in sauce and filling applications, KerryXtra Cheese offers cost optimization, insulating manufacturers from the volatility of dairy markets while delivering consistent cheese flavor and texture. KerryXtra is available in natural and organic and has a three-month shelf life.
— Kerry Specialty Ingredients, (800) 328-7517,

Retaining Rich Texture
Technical advancements in stabilizer formulation can help ice cream contain less fat but still retain its indulgent texture, mouthfeel and flavor. Danisco’s patent-pending line of heat-shock-controlling stabilizers, Grindsted IcePro LF, is designed for lower-fat ice cream systems. Heat shock can occur anywhere temperature fluctuates. As these temperature variances cause the water in ice cream to thaw and recrystalize, ice crystals have a rough texture and their presence in lower-fat ice cream, which is already texturally challenged due to the reduction in butterfat, further compromises quality. Taste tests show that lower-fat ice cream made with IcePro LF is perceived as higher in fat. Besides enhancing creaminess, IcePro LF’s proprietary combination of emulsifying and stabilizing ingredients successfully controls ice crystal growth. Because different quality grades of lower-fat ice cream have different requirements, Danisco offers IcePro LF 2006 for high-quality, IcePro LF 2007 for standard and IcePro LF 2008 for economy.
— Danisco USA Inc., (913) 764-8100,

Totes for Ingredient Use
X Café, a manufacturer of shelf-stable coffee extracts, is now packaging its products in 1,000-liter totes for ingredient use. The polyethylene high density totes are FDA certified, impact and chemical resistant, with an antioxidant barrier. Contained within metal cages, they are easily stacked and shipped. In addition, they can be recycled by the tote manufacturer by calling them for a pickup request. X Café’s Coffee Extract is also available in Bag-in-Box for beverage use in serving high-volume foodservice accounts.
— X Café LLC, (877) 492-2331,  
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