European Butter & Spread

Palma Veto
Palma-Tumys a.s. makes this spread, which contains sunflower oil and lecithin. Each 400-gram plastic tub sells for 33.50 SKK (about $1.15).
Sanissa Butter
This new range of butter comes from Mifa AG Frenkendorf. Sanissa Classic is positioned as a “traditional vegetable margarine” intended for use mainly as a spread as well as in cooking; it’s available in a 250-gram package. Sanissa au Beurre, described as “an all-round product with a fine buttery taste,” comes in 250-gram and 500-gram packages.
Lurpak Spreadable
United Kingdom
Arla Foods is the maker of Lurpak Slightly Salted, a spreadable product introduced to U.K. consumers by the Scandinavian processor. The butter is blended with vegetable oil to make it spreadable directly from the refrigerator. A 1-kilogram package retails for 3.79 GBP (about $7.15); it’s also available in 250- and 500-gram sizes.
Arla Kaergarden
This time, Arla aimed at German consumers with salted and unsalted varieties of this spread, a blend of 75 percent butter and 25 rapeseed oil. It comes in 250-gram plastic tubs.
Maslo Domowe
This Candia-brand “homemade style” butter spread is manufactured by Proszkownia Mleka W Piotrkowie Kujawskim for Lait France. Each 200-gram package retails for 3.69 PLN (about $1.20).
Smakselko Czosnkowe
This butter-based spread with a garlic taste comes from Sobik Zaklad Produkcyjny. The 100-gram plastic-wrapped blocks are prices at 1.75 PLN (about 55 cents).
SOURCE: Productscan Online
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