Creators Briefs

Fruity Aroma
Developed using proprietary technology to guarantee maximum flavor entrapment, Treattarome flavor distillates impart an authentic, juicy character to food and beverage applications. They can be used at varying dosage levels, providing either an intense fruity flavor or more delicate top notes, depending on the desired flavor profile. The Treattarome range is produced from the named food, enabling flavorists to make a positive clean label declaration. These latest berry and tea additions complement Treatt’s existing portfolio of Treattarome products, which include tropical fruit, melon, brown, sweet, savory, tea, coffee and vegetable notes. — Treatt USA Inc., (863) 668-9500,
Spoilage Protection
Kerry Bio-Science launches a new product range of food-grade natural ingredients for clean-label processing. The new line of natural shelf-life extenders offer a safe, natural solution to spoilage issues commonly resulting from natural and organic food processing, providing a new level of ingredient flexibility and reassurance to manufacturers of food products. Featuring both certified-organic ingredients and 100-percent natural fermented ingredients, the product range is designed for use in dairy and non-dairy, confectionery, bakery, meat and culinary products. Providing natural protection against a variety of spoilage agents, the ingredients are GMO-free, kosher- and halal-certified, and meet global food-grade standards. — Kerry Bio-Science, (507) 285-3400,
Banana Ingredients
Confoco offers a variety of banana ingredients from purees to essences to flakes that are suitable for ice cream, yogurt, other frozen desserts, as well as juices and nectars. The company features Acidified Aseptic Banana Puree and Non-acidified Aseptic Banana Puree made with fruit from Ecuador. The products have the typical color, flavor and aroma of ripe bananas. Confoco’s Organic Banana Puree is certified by BCS Oko-Garantie GmbH. Banana Essence, available in 500- and 1,000-fold varieties, can be used in water-based aroma systems to impart a banana flavor, especially in refrigerated beverages and frozen dairy products. They also can be used to enhance purees and other ingredients. All of the banana products are kosher, halal, and non-GMO compliant. — Confoco, (908) 659-0566,
MEG-3 Yogurt
Ocean Nutrition Canada, supplier of MEG-3® brand omega-3 EPA/DHA food and dietary supplement ingredients, announces that Danone Canada has launched its second yogurt brand with the MEG-3® logo. Danino, new yogurt for children, prominently features the MEG-3®DHA logo on the packaging to highlight that the yogurt contains the most trusted source of omega-3 ingredients. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a physiologically essential fatty acid important for normal growth and development of children. Many studies have shown that DHA plays an essential role in optimal brain and eye development and, when available in sufficient quantities, it helps improve learning, memory and concentration. The MEG-3® brand was developed as a consumer-branded ingredient and the logo appears on numerous food and dietary supplement products. The MEG-3®DHA logo has been introduced to help consumers differentiate which products have high levels of DHA from fish oil, the best source of omega-3 ingredients. — Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd., (902) 480-3210,
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