Latin American Yogurt

Yoplait Light Yoghurt sin Grasa
Manufacturer Sigma Aliementos has released this fat-free light yogurt beverage under the Yoplait brand name. Offered in a Natural variety, this yogurt drink is said to contain antioxidants and vitamins C and E, purported to help cells and slow their aging. Each 250g bottle is priced at 5.40 MXN (about 48 cents U.S.).
Alpura Yoghurt para Beber
Mango is the newest flavor of yoghurt para beber (drinkable yogurt) to be launched in Mexico under the Alpura brand name. It’s made with a base of partially pasteurized skim milk and sweet mango puree. Offered in 250g plastic bottles, the drink is priced at 4.65 MXN (about 42 cents U.S.).
LaSerenisima Activia Yogur Bebible
Danone de Argentina S.A., the Argentinean subsidiary of French yogurt giant Groupe Danone, has introduced this yogur bebible (drinkable yogurt) as part of Danone’s worldwide line of Activia cultured products. The beverage contains Activia Regularis, a proprietary probiotic designed to help regulate the digestive system. Available is a manzana ciruela (apple-plum) variety, the drink comes in a 200g bottle featuring a peel-away lid. Each bottle retails for 1.60 ARS (about 54 cents U.S.).
Ser BioPuritas Yogur Bebible Dietetico
New to the Argentinean market is this drinkable yogurt packaged in a 1kg plastic bag. Manufactured by Danone de Argentina S.A., it’s offered in a Naranja Durazno (orange-peach) variety. Each bag is priced at 2.79 ARS (about 94 cents U.S.).
Vigor Leco Light Logurte com Fruitas e Cereals
From S/A Fabrica de Produtos Alimenticios Vigor comes this fruit-and-cereal yogurt beverage trumpeted as fat free and with half the calories of traditional yogurt drinks. The beverage comes in a new variety, Ameixas Frescas e Secas (dried and fresh plums). The maker reports this drink contains lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus lactic acid ferments. Presented in a 160g plastic bottle, it’s priced at 1.30 BRL (about 60 cents U.S.).
SOURCE: Productscan Online
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