Latin American Dairy Beverages

SanCor Bio L.Casei+Fructanos
Argentina’s Sancor Cooperatives Unidas Ltda. Has launched L.Casei+Fructanos Naturales Bebida Lactea under the SanCor brand name. It contains the probiotic culture L. casei and is flavored with natural fruits. Free of fat and cholesterol, it’s available in strawberry and multi-fruit varieties. The 95g bottles are sold in four-count packs for 4.19 ARS (about $1.35).
Ilolay Kids Leche Chocolatada
Children are the target market for this new chocolate milk from Argentina’s Sucesores de Alfredo Williner S.A. Marketed under the Ilolay Kids brand name, the aseptic product sells for 2.80 ARS (about 90 cents) per 1 liter container.
Itambe Vitambe Iogurte Liquido
Touted as going “beyond delicious and nutritious,” this fortified drinkable yogurt is manufactured by Brazil’s Cooperativa Itambe. Featured flavors are strawberry, red fruit, papaya with orange, coconut and passion fruit. The beverage comes in 180g plastic bottles that sell for 1.40 BRL (about 60 cents).
Batavo Leite Integral
Brazil’s Batavia S.A. created this milk product, fortified with vitamins and iron, as an energy booster for children. The Ferro (iron) variety comes in a 1 liter aseptic container and sells for 1.20 BRL (about 54 cents).
Deli SoyaYoghurt Drink
Productos Naturales de la Soya S.A.C. in Peru offers this line of yogurt beverages under the Deli Soya brand name. The probiotic beverage comes in strawberry, peach and vanilla flavors. The 950 milliliter plastic bottles sell for 4.90 PEN (about $150).
SOURCE: Productscan Online
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