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In an Event Co-sponsored by Dupont Packaging & Industrial Polymers and Stagnito Communications Inc., Nearly 50 Members of the Food and Beverage Packaging Industry Gathered at Worldwide Food Expo 2005 to Hear Leading Executives and Editors Discuss how “freshness” in Food Packaging Impacts Consumers’ Food Purchasing Decisions. the Panel, Which Included Mayfield Dairy Farms President Scottie Mayfield and Dairy Field editor James Dudlicek, Centered on Findings From a Newly Released Dupont-sponsored Consumer Survey That Measured Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Freshness in the Food and Beverage Packaging Industry. the Survey Concluded That Freshness and Taste Outweigh Price and Convenience Among Consumers; Clarity in Packaging is Important in Judging Freshness; and There Appears to be a Tremendous Opportunity for Processors to Focus Efforts on Upgrading Packaging to Reinforce Brand Loyalty. to Access the Full Transcript and View Portions of the Panel Discussion, Visit
A recent consumer study on plain white milk preferences by Food Perspectives Inc. shows high levels of preference and purchase intent for aseptic milk as compared to pasteurized milk. Sponsored by Tetra Pak, the test aimed to disprove existing dairy industry perceptions that consumers would react negatively to the taste profile of aseptic products. In contrast to these perceptions, aseptic milk scored relatively well throughout the study. Steam-injected aseptic skim milk represented the biggest opportunity as it demonstrated several benefits over the pasteurized equivalent, including a thicker, smoother consistency and 45.1 percent intent to purchase. In other aseptic news, Tetra Pak and its customer Chef Creations, have introduced the first U.S. product to be packaged in the world’s only microwaveable aseptic package. The three new products, Alfredo Sauce, Hollandaise Sauce and a Classic Brown Sauce, were unveiled at Worldwide Food Expo 2005.
With a focus on the future, the members of IAFIS and FPMA approved the merger of these two longstanding supplier associations. Effective January 1, 2006, the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) began serving its member base of over 600 suppliers to the food, dairy, meat, beverage, fruit and vegetable, confection, pharmaceutical and related sanitary processing industries. FPSA is based in McLean, Va., and is being led by Steve Schlegel, president and chief executive officer, and George Melnykovich, president and chief operating officer, through its merger transition period.
Buffalo, N.Y.-based Multisorb Technologies has completed a surveillance audit to maintain certification to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949. The official recognition is an international standard designed to provide companies and organizations with a common approach to applying a quality management system. In addition to ISO 9001:2000, Multisorb is also certified to ISO/TS 16949 for automotive sorbent products.
The Kennedy Group’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) group, Willoughby, Ohio, has announced an agreement with RFID4U to develop joint training and certifications classes. According to the terms of the agreement, classes will be held in The Kennedy Group’s RFID Customer Solution Center in Willoughby. The company will also officer its line of RFID Starter Kits to clients. RFID4U will provide all course materials and instructors used at the Willoughby testing facility. At least one training class will be held every three months. Classes are currently scheduled for January 24-27 and March 21-24, 2006.
KUKA Robotics Corp., Clinton Township, Mich., announced in November that AIDCO International of Adrian, Mich., has selected KUKA to provide robots for its new Palligistics system, an intelligent palletizing logistics work cell concept for creating mixed product or build-to-order pallets.
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