Lori Dahm, technical editor
Happy Hourfor Milk
Recently, a friend of mine — let’s call her “Linda” — shared her personal revelation about the power of milk, and I was inspired to consider a new product possibility. No additional formulating required, just new positioning.
So, after a night of a few too many martinis, my friend Linda decided that rather than drinking a big glass of water before bed followed by a couple of aspirin, she would down a glass of milk. Lo and behold, the next morning Linda awoke with a clear mind and no negative after-effects from a night of over-socializing.
In true scientific form, Linda proceeded to test her theory that milk prevented the hangover doldrums by performing a carefully controlled experiment over four weeks. Once or twice a week Linda would indulge with alcohol and then drink a glass of milk before bed. Every time, she awoke feeling refreshed.
Linda asked me why milk was so effective for this purpose. I concluded that, as a complete nutrient-dense package, a glass of milk was the perfect solution to prevent dehydration and depletion in the body. Moreover, milk’s tryptophan content helps eliminate the typical middle-of-the-night sleep disturbance that imbibing causes.
And so my new product inspiration was born — milk marketed as the perfect nightcap after the nightcap. I can hardly wait for the next campaign to jump on the myriad marketing possibilities that this new scientific discovery presents.
In the meantime, I’ll continue compiling data …