A.T.S. Engineering provides innovative solutions for dairy processors in hard and plastic packaging. Founded in 1994, the company specializes in high-quality filling machines, sealers and overcappers. Founder Anthony Subryan parlayed his experience in redesigning and modifying filling machines into manufacturing new equipment that’s in high demand. Growth prompted a move to new quarters in suburban Toronto. A.T.S. continues to redesign existing equipment while offering its “jewel in the crown” — custom-made rotary and in-line fillers for various dairy foods including cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt and ice cream.
A.T.S. Engineering(800) 263-6416www.atseng.ca

In 1967, Polytainers began by operating three molding and two printing machines in a 9,000-square-foot facility. Today we operate more than 75 injection molding and OMV thermoforming machines and more than 60 cup and lid printing machines in two facilities — Toronto and Kansas City — with more than 500,000 square feet of production space. We supply cups and containers to many of the world’s leading dairy manufacturers, including major retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Our growth has been in direct response to the market’s increasing demands for quality packaging incorporating superior graphics. We are today North America’s premier supplier of thin-wall rigid plastic packaging for the dairy industry.
Polytainers Inc.(416) 239-7311www.polytainersinc.com

Rtech Laboratories is a contract laboratory offering microbiology and chemistry testing, nutrition labeling, sensory evaluation, pilot plant, contract manufacturing and information research services.  Our lab is ISO 9001:2000/17025 accredited and staffed with highly trained professionals, and incorporates the latest approved methodology from AOAC, AOCS, AACC, USDA and FDA. Our sensory services include difference testing, acceptable testing, descriptive analysis and consumer-guidance testing. Our pilot plant produces batch runs in many product categories including spray drying and thermal processing. 
Rtech Laboratories (800) 328-9687 www.rtechlabs.com

Lumenite Control Technology has designed and manufactured liquid level control/monitoring equipment for more than 40 years. In the last two years, Franklin Park, Ill.-based Lumenite has expanded the product line to include sanitary analog and digital pressure gauges, sanitary 4-20 mA temperature transmitters and sanitary thermowells. All Lumenite products are manufactures in the United States, using American parts whenever possible.
Lumenite Control Technology Inc. (800) 323-8510 www.lumenite.com

It’s not how many containers you fill per hour; it’s how many trucks you fill per day. Founded in 1956 as a dairy equipment service company, Fogg Company has grown to become a leader in rotary liquid filling systems designed to fill those outbound trucks. Fogg’s innovative technology, superior engineering and world-class manu­facturing continue to make Fogg the filling system of choice for demanding high-volume or short-run production.  From the polished stainless-steel finish to the impressive output, you can see the difference in a Fogg.
Fogg Co. (616) 786-3644www.foggfiller.com

Dairy Conveyor Corp. was formed in 1954 by Gustaf Freudenberg, Fred Muhlenbruch and Paul Ganswind to serve the conveyor repair needs of dairy processors in the regional New York metropolitan market. The original partners retired in 1968 and the business was sold to five employees — Carl Huttman, Karl Kleinschrod, Roland Debald, Walter Freudenberg (Gustaf’s son) and Adolph Stumpf. The business grew and expanded internationally to supply new conveyor components, systems and automatic equipment. The company continues to thrive today and is bigger than ever under the leadership of Karl Kleinschrod and Roland Debald.
Dairy Conveyor Corp. (845) 278-7878 www.dairyconveyor.com
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