For Many Years Weber Scientific, Known as Njdl Supplies Back Then, was Part of new Jersey Dairy Laboratories. These Photographs of the Laboratory Accompanied an Article That Appeared in the June 1952 Edition of the wisner dairigram. the Article Describes Some of the Personnel at the Time:
“Maurice Weber, who has been with the organization for 12 years, is the general manager. Dr. Dagmar Talce, formerly professor of dairy bacteriology at Weihenstephen, Germany, supervises the bacteriological divisions and is assisted by Margaret Bull, an N.J.C. alumna. Robert Hoen and Robert Rowe, specializing in water and food work respectively, are in charge of the chemical work.”
Although Weber Scientific became completely autonomous from New Jersey Dairy Laboratories in 1978, we still enjoy revisiting our history.
— Weber Scientific, (800) 328-8378,

In 1966, Eugene R. Jagenburg established Fruitcrown as an innovative, quality-driven fruit/flavor producer for the dairy industry. Sons Robert (president) and Bruce (vice president) joined him.
Central to Fruitcrown’s prominence in fruit manufacturing is its sophisticated, unique, state-of-the-art aseptic production methodology. Coupled with exceptional creativity and service, Fruitcrown provides outstanding value to its customers.
Eugene passed away in August 2004. His legacy lives on in Fruitcrown and the great people who make it what it is.
— Fruitcrown Products Corp., (800) 441-3210,

In 1967, Polytainers began by operating three molding and two printing machines in a 9,000-square-foot facility. Today we operate more than 75 injection molding and OMV thermoforming machines and more than 60 cup and lid printing machines in two facilities — Toronto and Kansas City — with more than 500,000 square feet of production space. We supply cups and containers to many of the world’s leading dairy manufacturers, including major retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Our growth has been in direct response to the market’s increasing demands for quality packaging incorporating superior graphics. We are today North America’s premier supplier of thin-wall rigid plastic packaging for the dairy industry.
— Polytainers Inc., (416) 239-7311,

Evergreen Packaging Equipment is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Formerly Cherry-Burrell, Evergreen, now a division of International Paper, is the world’s premiere name in gabletop liquid-food packaging systems. Recently, Evergreen expanded its offerings to include a complete line of bottle- and cup-filling systems. These new offerings utilize extremely dependable Italian and German filling technologies and come with Evergreen’s U.S.-based 24/7 technical support and repair-parts network.  
— Evergreen Packaging Equipment, (319) 399-3209,

In 1973, Dyco began solving complex handling tasks created by the application of blow-molded containers to an ever-increasing number of products. Dyco developed the first packers and debaggers of single-tier bundles, which remain the industry standard for storage and transport of empty plastic containers. Dyco has stayed focused on that challenge to become today’s trusted innovator, designer and installer of specialized systems to handle plastic containers.
Today, Dyco is the leading manufacturer and integrator of turnkey container-handling systems that provide maximum performance through innovative systems design. Dyco has assembled a team of design, mechanical and electrical engineers to interface with your staff, direct fabrication and monitor system installation in your plant.
— Dyco Inc., (800) 545-3926,

Pecan Deluxe Candy Company was founded by J.C. Brigham in 1950 as a retail ice cream business. J.C. hired a man to make ice cream who also made candy to put into ice cream. J.C.’s son, Bennie Brigham, took over the company in 1965 and began selling ice cream ingredients to other companies.
Pecan Deluxe has grown into a well-respected ice cream ingredient supplier in the United States and has expanded into the U.K. market with a plant in Yorkshire, England.
— Pecan Deluxe Candy Co., (800) 733-3589,

Dedicated to the dairy industry for more than 70 years.
Our dairy roots run deep, and we've grown right along with you, our customers. Even though dairy technology becomes increasingly complex, some things never change.
We still partner with you to provide high quality sanitation results with unsurpassed service and expertise.
Build your business while we protect your brand.
— Ecolab, (800) 352-5326,

Founded in 1960, E.A. Bonelli and Associates Inc. continues as the industry leader in the master planning and design of processing plants for the food industry. Licensed across the nation, our A&E professionals remain on the cutting edge of food processing technology. We list among our clients Leprino Foods, California Dairies Inc., Davisco Foods, Dean Foods Co., General Mills, Häagen-Dazs, Land O’Lakes, Southwest Cheese (Glanbia), Nestlé and Tillamook Cheese.
— E.A. Bonelli and Associates Inc., (510) 740-0155,

After 100 years, we’re ready to reveal our main ingredients: experience and innovation.
At Atlas, we can proudly say that every one of our products is the result of 100 years of experience and an innovative spirit. That unique combination of vision and capability makes us the top choice for food and beverage producers. Contact us to learn more about our company and what we can do for yours.
— Atlas Minerals & Chemicals Inc., (610) 682-7171 or (800) 523-8269,

From its invention in the late 1800s by Gustaf de Laval, the milk separator has transformed from a small, farm-used piece of machinery. It has become integral in modern dairies with the high capacity and energy efficiency of the latest line of Tetra Centri hermetically sealed separators.
The invention of the plate heat exchanger in the 1920s evolved into the Tetra Plex® range of heat exchangers. Developed later were the Tetra Spiraflo® Tubular and Contherm® Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers. Not only are they compact, but also thermally efficient and cost effective.
— Tetra Pak Inc., (847) 955-6000,

What began in 1947 as a small regional supply company housed in a basement has grown to include branches in Marshfield, Wis., Turlock, Calif., and Twin Falls, Idaho. While maintaining a strong dairy and cheese base, our customer list has grown to include companies from all facets of the food processing industry.  Customer testimonials praise the excellent service of Nelson-Jameson as going above and beyond that offered by most distributors. Serving all 50 states, Canada and export.
— Nelson-Jameson Inc., (715) 387-1151,

Wow! Congratulations to Dairy Field for its 100-year history. As a fellow long-time contributor to the dairy industry, Blackhawk knows the hard work and dedication it takes to maintain focus in this demanding food industry sector.  
Nearly from our beginning in 1949, Blackhawk has been a pioneer in plastics innovations for dairy applications. From our Swinger Handle™ (1960s) to our Super Quad™ cap (1990s), to new patented innovations yet to be announced,  Blackhawk, like Dairy Field, is dedicated to the dairy industry for the long term.
— Blackhawk Molding, (630) 543-3900,
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