ITW Inks
Diagraph announces the addition of ITW Inks to its wide-range product offering. Formulated for use in Marsh inkjet printers, the inks provide a cost-effective ink alternative. For selecting the appropriate ITW Ink, the company offers a reference guide for Marsh printers that provides an easy-to-understand cross-reference tool for identifying the ITW Ink part number for the Marsh equivalent. Offered are water-based inks and cleaners, alcohol-based inks and cleaners, solvent-based inks and cleaners, MEK inks and cleaners, high-resolution ink, ink cartridges and cleaners. ITW Inks can be used with the following Marsh equipment: Dli, ML8, ML4, Patrion Plus®, Marsh Encore® and Unicorn® inkjet printers. — Diagraph, a division of Illinois Tool Works, 1 Missouri Research Park Drive, St. Charles, Mo., 63304-5685, phone: (800) 722-1125, fax: (636) 300-2004, e-mail:, Web site:
Advanced Screen Builder
Eurotherm has added a new advanced screen builder feature to its 5000 Series Data Management System. The feature enables 24 custom-user screens to be created and viewed at the instrument’s touch screen. Additionally, up to 100 screens can be configured to run on a PC using Bridge 5000 remote viewing software. Advanced Screen Builder’s new, enhanced tools and components for creating user screens include drag and drop, cut and paste, and resize, as well as a preview mode that enhances component properties and screen management. — Eurotherm Inc., a unit of Invensys plc, 741-F Miller Drive, Leesburg, Va., 20175, phone: (703) 443-0000, fax: (703) 669-1300, Web site:
New Logistics Services
High Plains Freezer Services now offers new technology that gets trucks with palletized loads turned around in just an hour versus the two hours that trucking companies allow. This not only avoids detention charges but, in some cases, also provides rebates to shippers. Other new services include a consolidated pool program to Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska and Utah for LTL shipments. — High Plains Freezer Services Inc., 575 Snowy Range Road, P.O. Box 1470, Laramie, Wyo., 82073, phone: (307) 742-6649, fax: (307) 742-4856, e-mail:, Web site:
Enhanced Medium-Duty Vehicle
Kenworth Truck Co., Louisville, Ky., has introduced enhancements to the 2005 model of its T300 medium-duty vehicle. The T300 has excellent visibility with sloping hood, standard DayLite doors with peeper window and mirror system. The 2005 T300 has optional corner windows that aid in backing up and negotiating tight spots. Other exterior enhancements include a wire mesh grille with polished stainless-steel center trim, complex reflector headlamps and an optional one-piece, stainless-steel-clad aluminum bumper with fog lights. Inside, the T300 was modified to be more driver friendly with an optional workstation and more. — Kenworth Truck Co., 10630 NE 38th Place, Kirkland, Wash, 98033, phone: (425) 828-5000, Web site:
Grease for Food-Grade Applications
With a unique combination of an aluminum complex thickener, white lubricating solids and other addi­tives, Molykote® White Bearing Grease reduces friction, prevents metal-to-metal contact and minimizes wear in food-grade applications, even under high-surface pressures and marginal lubrication conditions. Because the raw materials have been selected to be used in mechanisms where incidental contact with foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products are possible, Molykote White Bearing Grease can be used as lubrication in dairies, beverage, meat processing and pharmaceutical plants; process machinery; and canneries. The grease has been reformulated and meets FSA Regulations 21 CFR 178.3570 and USDA H1 classification and is available in NLGI consistency class 2. Molykote White Bearing Grease has a service temperature range of 1 to 302 degrees F and a drop point of 518 degrees F. It can be applied by hand packing, hand-operated grease guns, automatic greasing equipment and central lubricating systems. When stored at or below 90 degrees in the original unopened containers, the grease has a 60-month usable life from the production date. — Dow Corning Corp., Box 0994, Midland, Mich., 48686, phone: (517) 496-6000, Web site:
Remote Process Monitoring
The Visulex Ex Camera system is specifically designed for observing and inspecting processing operations, even in explosion-hazard locations. With L.J. Star’s integrated ISO 9001 video system, images can be directly viewed or downloaded to a PC for further analysis. The Visulex camera mounts on any DIN 28120 or similar sight glass, in an overhead observation location, in either new or retrofit applications. — L.J. Star Inc., P.O. Box 1116, Twinsburg, Ohio, 44087, phone: (330) 405-3040, fax: (330) 405-3070, Web site:
High-Performance Food Machinery Greases
Food processors can operate critical application equipment for extended periods of time without significant wear and damage with Anderol’s high-performance food machinery greases. Anderol® 783 is designed with synthetic base fluids and advanced anti-wear chemistries to reduce equipment friction and overall operating temperatures. Even in extreme temperature and pressure applications, Anderol 783 doesn’t soften or evaporate, which extends lubrication cycles, reduces equipment wear and minimizes maintenance costs. Anderol’s grease products are based on white oils such as the PQ® 40 AA and PQ® AA series. White-oil-based food machinery greases have been formulated with advanced anti-wear chemistries to reduce equipment friction and overall operating temperatures. All Anderol greases are rust and oxidation inhibited to preserve the life and performance of critical application equipment including bearings, gears, hinges, packings, slicers and valves. — Anderol Inc., 215 Merry Lane, P.O. Box 518, East Hanover, N.J., 07936, phone: (973) 887-7410 or (888) 263-3765, fax: (973) 887-6930, e-mail:, Web site:
New Conveyor Option
Multivac’s new QuickLoad™ conveyor option for the B500 belted chamber machine is easy to use and requires only one person to operate. Other benefits include a variety of seal heights, hygienic design, adjustable speeds and a built-in self-diagnostic backup system to prevent the negative effect of breakdowns. — Multivac Inc., 11021 N.W. Pomona Ave., Kansas City, Mo., 64153, phone: (816) 891-0555, fax: (816) 891-0622, Web site:
Tethered Tag Readers
Psion Teklogix now offers 900 MHz, class 0 (read only) and class 1 (read and write) RFID tethered tag readers that operate with the company’s line of rugged mobile computing devices. The new RFID tethered readers provide Psion Teklogix customers with an RFID device that they can use to meet compliance requirements from Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense.— Psion Teklogix Inc., 2100 Meadowvale Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, phone:(905) 812-6382, e-mail:
Melt-PhaseForming Technology
By combining the distinct advantages of both traditional thermoforming and blow molding, PBM Plastics’ patented new Melt-Phase forming technology is creating previously unheard of shapes
and capabilities for use by plastics engineers. The new process creates containers that can be thinner, with deeper draws, seamless walls and precision flanges — all with a variety of materials that offer engineers heat-resistant and chemical-resistant capabilities and more. — PBM Plastics, 240 Enterprise Drive, Newport News, Va., 23603, phone: (757) 888-6800, fax: (757) 888-6373, Web site:
Gas Detection Systems Brochure
Sensidyne Inc. released a new 16-page brochure describing its complete line of system components used to detect a wide range of toxic and combustible gases at fixed installations. It provides detailed specifications on all of its transmitters, including low-cost models for combustibles, infrared gas models, universal 4-10mA models and universal RS-485 models, as well as its line of one-, two-, four-, eight- and 16-channel controllers. The line of Sensalert intelligent sensors and all sensor and transmitter accessories are also described in the brochure. Copies of the brochure are available from any Sensidyne Fixed Systems distributor. — Sensidyne Inc., 16333 Bay Vista Drive, Clearwater, Fla. 33760, phone: (800) 451-9444, Web site:
Solenoid Valve Line
Dosatron International now offers a complete line of solenoid valves for use in a variety of applications including hygiene and sanitizing. These full port din plug connection valves are available in both 24 volts and 120 volts. Standard sizes are available for immediate shipment with coils and repair kits in stock as well. — Dosatron International Inc., 2090 Sunnydale Blvd., Clearwater, Fla., (800) 523-8499, Web site:
Robotic Palletizing System
Working in combination with traditional row-forming technology, Columbia/Okura robotic palletizers can stack cases at rates exceeding 60 cases per minute. With this system, the row-forming infeed conveyor pre-groups cases into complete rows. The robotic palletizer’s end effector can then pick up a row of cases and place them on the pallet in one motion, saving considerable time over picking and placing individual cases. Pattern forming is easily programmed using the robot’s built-in software, And the machine’s rugged construction means it can operate continuously with virtually no need for maintenance. — Columbia/Okura LLC, 301 Grove Street, Suite A, Vancouver, Wash., 98661, phone: (360) 735-1952, fax: (360) 905-1707, e-mail:, Web site:
Online Services for Packaging Equipment
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc., supplier of end-of-line solutions for case-packing and palletizing needs, has developed online information-based engineering technologies (IBET) for packaging machine customers. The IBET CD/DVD gives customers a complete snapshot of Schneider machinery and its components at the time of installation (or purchased as a yearly subscription, the customer receives updates on any modifications). IBET gives customers 24/7 access to technical specs for their specific Schneider machinery — including all OEM components — and directly links customers to an online parts-ordering system. — Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., P.O. Box 890, 5370 Guy Young Road, Brewerton, N.Y., 13029, phone: (315) 676-3035, fax: (315) 676-2875
Small Character Inkjet Printer
Hitachi America Ltd. is introducing the PX Series small character inkjet printer. The PX Series deploys a 10.4-inch color LCD touch-panel with full guidance on the screen, providing easy and quick operation and maintenance. The new printer has an innovative ink circulation system that helps reduce fluid evaporation and reduces operating costs. Nozzle and gutter are automatically cleaned before shut down, so no special procedures are required. PX Series viscosity and density control provides stable ink drop formation and keeps print quality high. — Hitachi America Ltd. Power and Industrial Division, 50 Prospect Ave., Tarrytown, N.Y., phone: (914) 524-6645, Web site:
High-Speed Label Applicator
Diagraph introduces the LA/4500 RFID high-speed label applicator. The industry’s first Wal-Mart-ready 915 MHz label applicator is capable of meeting the needs of high production rates and EPC specification compliance. Built on the LA/4500 high-speed label applicator platform, the RFID module is also capable of autonomous tag programming through the use of large graphics display and user keypad. Product SKUs, object types and serial numbers are easily entered and managed by the unit. Connection to an ERP system is possible through either the standard serial port or optional Ethernet module. — Diagraph, a division of Illinois Tool Works, 1 Missouri Research Park Drive, St. Charles, Mo., 63304-5685, phone: (800) 722-1125, fax: (636) 300-2004, e-mail:, Web site:
Chilling/Heating Mini-Circulator
Torrey Pines Scientific announces its new EchoTherm™ Model CB20 Contstant Temperature Chilling/Heating Mini-Circulator for use with small-volume sample holders like water-jacketed cuvettes for spectrophotometers and electrophoresis baths. The unit is Peltier based for heating and chilling and requires no compressors or CFCs. It is lightweight, compact and takes very little bench space. — Torrey Pines Scientific Inc., La Costa Meadows Drive #105/106, San Marcos, Calif., 92069, phone: (760) 471-9100, fax: (760) 471-9310, e-mail:, Web site:
Close-Coupled Pump Drive
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell’s Tru-Fit™ close-coupled pump drive is designed to free up critical plant space, resolve alignment issues and increase process productivity. With a 20 to 25 percent average reduction in overall pump length, Tru-Fit has a smaller footprint than traditional coupled pumps and is available with a right-angle gear reducer to conserve even more space. Tru-Fit’s unique self-aligning shaft eliminates the need for couplings and guards as well as the high-maintenance costs associated with shaft misalignment. The pump drive’s maintenance-friendly adapter and compact and open base design allows for easy cleaning. Unique features for Tru-Fit for the dairy, beverage and food industries include more than 70 gear ratios for each size, 1/5 to 60 horsepower motors, optional stainless-steel base and three-bolt mounting to minimize pump change-out time. — Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, 611 Sugar Creek Road, Delavan, Wis., 53115, phone: (262) 728-1900, fax: (262) 728-4904, Web site:
Two-Position Micrometer
The new Two-Position Micrometer from Spray Dynamics eliminates hand adjustments and the PLC changes the pump volume. Features include a new automatic adjustment, a manual volume adjustment MSI pump and an automatic volume adjustment MSI pump. Controls depend on existing model and will need a quote. — Spray Dynamics Ltd., 108 Bolte Lane, St. Clair, Mo., 63077, phone: (636) 629-7366, fax: (636) 629-7455, e-mail:, Web site:
Flexible Accumulation Solution
The Flex Flow Accumulator, an accumulation solution developed by Nercon, will be part of their range of conveyor system components on display at Pack Expo International 2004 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. This new product automatically adjusts to the changing pace of production flow, ensuring continuous flow throughout the conveyor circuit. The Flex Flow Accumulator operates on the concept of an expandable travel path, sensing fluctuations in production and responsively changing length to match these variations. By reducing downtime of the generating units, it increases overall production efficiency and operating profits. — Nercon Eng. & Mfg. Inc., P.O. Box 2288, 3972 S. Highway 45, Oshkosh, Wis., 54903, phone: (920) 233-3268, fax: (920) 233-3139, e-mail:
Counterbalanced Lift Trucks
A new line of heavy-duty electric four-wheel counterbalance lift trucks that provide excellent maneuverability and performance for storing and retrieving loads up to 10,000 pounds is available from Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. The EFG-4 and –5 Series trucks, designed with a new 80-volt electric motor that provides higher energy efficiency, are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications, including food distribution centers and processing facilities. The trucks feature a patented curve speed reduction steering system and five individually programmed operating modes that function independently of the selected operating mode and prevents tipping. — Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., 5701 Eastport Blvd., Richmond, Va., 23231 phone: (888) 333-2644, Web site:
Modular Plastic Conveyor
Columbia Machine now uses Intralox® modular plastic conveyor belting for palletizer discharge conveyors, providing a more stable means for transporting unitized loads. Columbia’s design engineers worked closely with Intralox to develop new style of conveyor, which offers a less expensive alternative to slat conveyors and eliminates the chordal action that can cause load degradation.
— Columbia Machine Inc., P.O. Box 8950, Vancouver, Wash., 98668-8950, phone: (360) 694-1501, fax: (360) 690-4583, e-mail:, Web site:
New Engineering Catalog
Magnatex Pumps Inc. has released a new engineering catalog, including two interactive CDs and two product brochures. The new catalog offers details of the company’s complete line of seal-less magnetic-drive pumps designed for high efficiency and dependability. The first CD is an easy-to-use interactive guide featuring descriptions of the company’s extensive product range with detailed technical information. The second CD is a repair guide with corresponding repair demo videos for each product line. — Magnatex Pumps Inc., 3575 W. 12th St., Houston, Texas, 77008, phone: (713) 972-8666, Web site:
Hot Air Bag Sealer
O/K International announces the arrival of its newest model the OK Supersealer SS2 Hot Air Bag Sealer. The company notes that it is the only washdown bag sealer available on the market. The stainless-steel construction of the machine in combination with advanced air flow and push-button controls, ensures performance in demanding applications every time. It is designed for cold, wet and aggressive product environments. It requires virtually no maintenance and has no bands. — O/K International Corp., 73 Bartlett St., Marlborough, Mass., 01752, phone: (508) 303-8286, fax: (508) 303-8207, Web site:
Shuttle Blow-Molding Machine
German-engineered for the North American market, the new Uniloy BW F4 shuttle blow-molding machine features state-of-the-art technologies, superior bottle processing efficiencies and ease-of-use ergonomics in a space-saving machine footprint — all at competitive pricing with dated technology machines. The BW F4 provides interchangeability with existing molds, while eliminating tie bars to speed and simplify mold changeover. The smallest model in the advanced F-machine family, the F4 can be configured for one to four parison molding, single or double-station processing and bottle sizes up to 1.5 liters. The BW F4 maximizes bottle processing productivity with easier mold change, fast color change, in-machine trimming and labeling, superior repeatability and quality consistency. — Uniloy Milacron, Inc., 10495 Highway M-52, Manchester, Mich., 48158,, phone: (734) 428-2244, e-mail:
Mini Screw Compressor
With a unique and convenient design, the VSM Mini Screw Compressor by Vilter is described in a new 10-page brochure that provides a complete product and application presentation featuring single-screw design and operation benefits and a 5/15 warranty. Specifications for all 18 model numbers are provided with dimensional drawings. A full load power and capacity chart identifies corresponding percentage savings. Isentropic efficiency/compression ratio graph is included. A detailed narrative of the VSM single screw compression cycle and control concludes by saying that this Vilter compressor is the most efficient and reliable compressor in the world. Photos, charts, graphs, diagrams and detailed illustrations are included. — Vilter Manufacturing Corp., 5555 S. Packard Ave., P.O. Box 8904, Cudahy, Wis., 53110-8904 phone: (414) 744-0111, fax: (414) 744-3483, Web site:
Upgraded Retail Scale
The new Mettler-Toledo 8442 integrated scale and printer better addresses retail grocers’ weighing and labeling needs. The networkable 8442 meets customer needs for affordable technology with centralized control in an easy-to-use design. The improved 8442 incorporates a large tower display featuring dual, easy-to-read reversed LCD displays. — Mettler-Toledo Inc., 1900 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio, 43240-4035, phone: (614) 438-4511, fax (614) 438-4900, Web site:
Fill-Seal Machinery System
PakSource Global, a division of PPi Technologies, had introduced a new Simplex/Duplex PSG LEE fill-seal machinery system that can run up to 160 pouches per minute. The PSG LEE model RP-84TZ/SD can run up to 160 pouches per minute in duplex mode and 80 pouches per minute in simplex mode. The machine is available with an opposite hand model using one Yamata Dataweigh scale to feed both PSG LEE machines. — PakSource Global, a division of PPi Technologies Inc., 1610 Northgate Blvd., Sarasota, Fla., 34234, phone: (941) 359-6678, Web site:
Robotic Case Packer-Palletizer
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. has unveiled its new Robotic Case Packer-Palletizer — all-in-one technology combining a case packer and palletizer into a compact, cost-effective solution. The Robotic Case Packer-Palletizer loads, labels, scans and palletizes cases with a single robotic arm. This increases automation while maintaining a small footprint, therefore, saving floor space. — Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., P.O. Box 890, 5370 Guy Young Road, Brewerton, N.Y., 13029, phone: (315) 676-3035, fax: (315) 676-2875
Gable-Top Packager
Evergreen Packaging Equipment’s N-8 gable-top packaging machine is a workhorse in the industry for single-serve fresh milk and juice products. The reliable N-8 forms, fills and seals up to 340 paper gable-top cartons per minute in sizes ranging from 4 to 10 ounces. N-8’s programmable logic controller makes operation simple while automating many functions. Machine status is readily available on the machine’s CRT and fill volumes can be adjusted at operating speed. Optional ESL® features are available for maintaining product quality allowing users to ship longer distances and minimizing out-of-code returns. — Evergreen Packaging Equipment, 2400 Sixth St. S.W., P.O. Box 3000, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52406, phone: (319) 399-3306, fax: (319) 399- 3543, Web site:
Total Color Brush Line
Remco Products’ Total Color Brush Line with block and bristle made from the same color provides maximum traceability for today’s stringent HACCP environments and enhances any color-designated program. The line is available in five colors and a wide range of styles and sizes. The solid polypropylene block and polyester bristles provide a durable, long-lasting tool that is autoclavable and chemical resistant. — Remco Products, 4735 W. 106th St., Zionsville, Ind., 46077, phone: (317) 876-9856, fax: (800) 585-8619, e-mail:, Web site:
High-Quality Rapid ATP Tests
Biotrace International has worked closely with food and beverage manufacturers for many years to develop the premier ATP rapid hygiene-monitoring package. The company now has a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality hygiene-monitoring products, offering a wide selection of reagents, instruments, service and support for many rapid testing and microbiology applications. Already used by a large number of companies worldwide, Biotrace products and backed by three technology and innovation awards and provide fast, accurate and reliable methods of minimizing microbial contamination risks in production facilities. As part of a proactive hygiene management program, Biotrace systems have shown to effectively decrease the loss of production time and incidence of rejected product. — Biotrace International BioProducts Inc., P.O. Box 0746, Bothell, Wash., 98041, phone: (425) 398-7993, fax: (425) 398-7973,, Web site:
Spouted-Pouch Filler
The versatile CMF-10 filler is designed to fill pouches with liquids at speeds up to 20 per minute, depending on product viscosity, spout design and pouch size. Filling range varies from 100 to 5,000 milliliters. The CMF-10 is user-friendly and its quick changeover makes it ideal for short runs and sample preparation. Some of the automation options include a magazine for pouch feeding and an automated cap-feeding bowl. A vacuum-delay leak detection system can be added to ensure pouch integrity. — Hart Design & Mfg. Inc., 1940 Radisson St., Green Bay, Wis., 54302, phone: (920) 468-5927, fax: (920) 468-5888
High-Performance Flooring System
Ultra-Fresh® high-performance flooring systems from PolySpec combine the anti-microbial freshness, rugged durability, and easy cleaning necessary for food-industry use. Based on Flowcrete technology, the Ultra-Fresh® product group includes HF (trowel applied), HQ (decorative finish), MF (self leveling) and CM (cove mortar) systems, making this line applicable for production areas, warehouses, laboratories and QC areas, cold storage, solvent/chemical stores, and more. Ultra-Fresh® products are environmentally compliant and exhibit outstanding wear, impact, and thermal shock resistance, offering complete protection of concrete surfaces against chemical attack and bacteria/fungal growth. A variety of colors and finishes are available. — PolySpec LP, 6614 Gant Road, Houston, Texas, 77066, phone: (281) 397-0033, fax: (281) 397-6512, e-mail:, Web site:
Micro Motion Coriolis Transmitter
Integrating Coriolis meters into Emerson’s PlantWeb® digital plant architecture, programmable logic controller systems, or distributed control systems is easier and more cost effective with Emerson Process Management’s Micro Motion® Model 1500 MVD™ Coriolis transmitter. Designed to fit into control room panels, the Micro Motion Model 1500 MVD transmitter has a simple four-wire connection to the sensor for power and signal, eliminating the expense of running custom cables or providing a separate power source at the sensor. The Micro Motion Model 1500 MVD transmitter’s small size saves additional expense in the control room, requiring only 0.03 cubic feet of control room space versus 1 cubic foot of space typically required for Coriolis transmitters. Improvements in process measurements are realized with the transmitter’s advanced, patented digital signal processing technology, called MVD. The Micro Motion Model 1500 MVD transmitter provides milliamp and frequency outputs for direct mass and volumetric flow measurement, and allows easy monitoring of density, temperature, flow totals and meter diagnostics. For applications requiring transmission of multiple process variables, Emerson also offers the Micro Motion Model 2500 DIN Rail transmitter with additional input/output channels configurable for the application. Micro Motion flowmeters using the Micro Motion Model 1500 or 2500 transmitters can be placed in all areas of a plant, including hazardous areas. — Emerson Process Management, 7070 Winchester Circle, Boulder, Colo., 80301, Web site:
New Panel-Mount Display Unit/Register
Spirax Sarco M750 Display Unit/Register can accept inputs from a wide variety of sensors, display the signal and transmit it to higher level control. This capability makes the M750 highly useful in mechanical rooms, plant floor supervisory stations and related locations for local condition monitoring. — Spirax Sarco Inc., 1150 Northpoint Blvd., Blythewood, S.C., 29016, phone: (803) 714-2000, fax: (803) 714-2200, Web site:
Plastic Closure for Dairy Market
Alcoa Closure Systems International (CSI) has expanded its presence in the fluid milk closure market with its Seal-MAX‘ 38mm screw-on/screw-off closure. This closure was designed to prevent leakage in milk containers, yet is easy to open and offers improved tamper evidence. The closure’s robust molded-in liner provides a tight seal even when there are minor imperfections in the bottle finish. In addition, the Seal-MAX closure features Alcoa’s patented Extra-Lok‘ tamper band, which provides superior, consistent tamper evidence. Alcoa’s Seal-MAX closure is designed for single-serve to gallon-size HDPE and PET containers, and is available in a variety of colors. — Alcoa Closure Systems International, 6625 Network Way, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Ind., 46278, phone: (317) 390-5000, fax: (317) 390-5137, Web site:
Easy-Access Guard Doors
All A-B-C case sealers are built with gull-wing-style guard doors as standard equipment — a winning combination of security and accessibility. Manufactured with painted steel and clear, polycarbonate inserts, the doors enclose the machine and are electrically interlocked to stop operation when opened. A-B-C’s guard doors offer several advantages when compared to hinge or sliding panel guards. For instance, the gull-wing guard doors do not require lower guide tracks that can accumulate debris and become difficult to open. And, lift-up doors allow complete access to all machine components, while sliding panels can limit access to important components such as the adhesive application system. When machine access is required, the doors glide overhead, eliminating the need to plan additional plant floor space required for hinge-style doors. — A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla., 34689, phone: (800) 237-5975, fax: (727) 938-1239, Web site:
Industrial Refrigeration Compressor
Mycom’s I-Series Compressor, currently available in 160 mm rotor diameter and 180 mm rotor length, is designed to operate with anhydrous ammonia or R-22. Features of industrial refrigeration compressors include D-flange motor mounting, CP-iP control panel, efficient design for variable frequency drive system, no oil pump required, oil filtration system, integral strainer, capacity control, volumetric ratio, oil cooling and bearings. — Mycom, 16825 I.H. 35 North, Selma, Texas, 78154, phone: (888) 886-9266, Web site:
Routing and Scheduling Software
TruckStops® Routing and Scheduling Software version 2.9 adds functionality and features in the TruckStops graphics window and reports, making the software even more powerful and easier to use. Within the TruckStops graphics window, users can view their routes displayed against different types of mapping backgrounds. Users can also make manual changes to the routes more easily in both the report and graphics views with added drag-and-drop functionality. TruckStops’ map background functionality allows users to enable Microsoft’s MapPoint, ALK’s PC*Miler, or PC*Miler/Streets maps as a background map to the TruckStops graphics window as alternatives to the more traditional TruckStops Landmarks. — MicroAnalytics, 2200 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 1002, Arlington, Va., 22200-3364, phone: (703) 841-0414, e-mail:, Web site:
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