Ice Cream Bundler
EDL has expanded its collection of unique solutions to include its Revolutionary Ice Cream Bundler. This system inverts, collates, orientates and wraps ice cream containers, with or without the use of a shrink tunnel, varying from pints to gallons. The bundler was designed specifically to efficiently and cost effectively overcome the challenges facing ice cream manufacturers today — EDL Packaging Engineers Inc., 1260 Parkview Road, Green Bay, Wis., phone: (920) 336-7744, fax: (920) 336-8585, e-mail:, Web
Real-Time Internet Ordering
Saf-T-Gard has launched Saf-T-Gard Online, a real-time Web-based portal. Saf-T-Gard Online, accessed at, permits registered users to log in to their account, place orders, view their company’s custom pricing schedule, check on order status, view invoice status and create shopping lists for regularly purchased items. Additionally, Saf-T-Gard customers can choose to set-up multiple users, with individual user names and passwords, and each user can be granted full access or their access can be limited to inquiry only. Visitors and guests are also welcomed at Saf-T-Gard Online. They will be able to browse and search through thousands and thousands of the finest quality, world class industrial safety products and personal protective equipment. Guests will be able register with an e-mail address to retain basic billing and shipping information or request an online user name and password in order to access the full advantages of a registered Saf-T-Gard customer. — Saf-T-Gard International Inc., 205 Huehl Road, Northbrook, Ill., 60062, phone: (847) 291-1600, fax: (847) 291-1610, e-mail: pr@saftgard, Web site:
Temperature Management System
Fogg Filler has introduced its unique Temperature Management System. This unique system has been created to provide less flavor degradation and maintain temperatures faster with fewer energy costs, which creates more return on your investment. The Fogg Temperature Management System is a huge asset to hot-fill manufactures. The system enables them to manage product temperature, and filling valve temperatures when line stops occur. Fogg’s rugged bowl construction is great for maintaining hot temperatures. The product in the fill valves will tend to cool quicker; therefore the operator can easily send the trough into position to purge the product in the valves. This is completed by cycling the filler until production can be resumed sending only a small amount of product back to rework.  The trough is equipped with a sensor which can monitor product temperature. The Fogg Temperature Management System removes the need for a pressure gravity machine. — Fogg Co., 3455 John F. Donnelly Drive, Holland, Mich., 49424, phone: (616) 786-3644, fax: (616) 786-0350, Web site:
High-Speed Filler
O/K International has introduced its new Superfiller SR2 and SR4. These fillers are high-speed, high-accuracy digital fillers and weighers for bulk semi liquid oils and fats, such as shortening and margarine. All O/K fillers are equipped with Allen-Bradley Controls. Fast response time provides higher accuracy and less product giveaway. Non-drip nozzles permit cleaner, more accurate filling without moving parts above the product. — O/K International Corp., 73 Bartlett St., Marlborough, Mass., 01752, phone: (508) 303-8286, fax: (508) 303-8207, Web site:
High Performance Cylinders
Bimetalix provides a complete line of stainless, nickel and trimetallic scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) cylinders. Bimetalix SSHE high-performance products such as the company’s patented TITAN™ Trimetallic SSHE cylinder, offers a complete package featuring a hardened inside diameter for exceptional abrasion resistance, plus nickel/cobalt alloy lining for excellent corrosion resistance, all combined with great heat transfer for dairy food processors. Bimetalix also produces cylinders constructed of 316 stainless steel. The most economical choice for end users, the Bimetalix Thin Wall Stainless Cylinder uses a unique grade of high-strength stainless for thinner wall thickness and improved heat transfer without a drop in internal pressure rating. The Bimetalix Chrome Plated Cylinder consists of .003 to .006 inches of multi-layered hard chrome per side. The Bimetalix cylinder refurbishing program is popular for dairy food processors. In addition, Bimetalix cost quotes can easily be requested online, and plant location as well as contact information can be quickly accessed. — Bimetalix, W2355 Hwy. 18, Sullivan, Wis., 53178, phone: (262) 593-8066, fax: (262) 593-8067, e-mail:, Web site:
Versatile Labeling System
Label-Aire has introduced the newest variant of its line of versatile and reliable labeling systems, the Inline Series 6000 Wrap Labeling System (Oblong & Round). This inline labeling system easily and accurately applies decorative labels to both oblong-shaped deodorant stick-type containers and round bottles. The end user receives increased throughput, accurate label application, and quick change-overs from one container to another. The IL 6000 Wrap utilizes Label-Aire’s versatile and reliable 3115 Wipe-On applicator and a selection of available options to make the quick change from round to oblong containers (and vice versa) possible. For round containers, the 6000’s wrap belt spins the moving bottles several times against a padded pressure plate after the point of application, ensuring accurate and wrinkle-free labels every time. After a quick change-over, the oblong-shaped containers must first pass through the 6000’s chain aligner. A top trap holds the product in place while the leading edge of the label is applied to a specific spot on the container. Again, the wrap belt spins the moving containers against a padded pressure plate making several revolutions. By utilizing the Inline 6000’s inherent versatility, Label-Aire was provides a simple and cost-effective labeling solution. —Label-Aire Inc., 550 Burning Tree Road, Fullerton, Calif., 92833, phone: (714) 441-0700, fax: (714) 526-0300, e-mail:, Web site: 
Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps
Wright Pump has introduced its innovative TRA®500 Series of Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps that feature stainless-steel flange adapters. Providing operational reliability, low noise and superior performance, these robust pumps also offer polished exterior surfaces and no weld inlet and outlet clamp connections on most models. The company’s exclusive, patent-pending Softsterile™ seal flushing system (for use on high purity water) eliminates all external flush piping loops and their multiple connections, significantly reducing the possibility of contamination. For ease of maintenance, the TRA500 series offers integral inlet/outlet in the housing for easy back pull-out servicing. In addition, the pumps offer one mechanical seal size that fits all models through 30 horsepower. They have capacity up to 900 gpm (210 m/hr), pressure to 190 psi (13 bar), viscosity to 2,700 ssu (600 cPs), and can be used in temperatures up to 380 degrees F (195 C). The pumps are well-suited to multiple applications, including beverages, dairy, candy, oils, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biotech. Their heavy-wall, cast 316L stainless-steel construction extends service life and minimizes vibration. — Wright Pump, S84 W18693 Enterprise Drive, Muskego, Wis., 53150, phone: (262) 679-8000, e-mail:, Web site:
Cast and Tentered Shrink Film
Plastic Suppliers has introduced its new cast and tentered EarthFirst® TDO shrink film. This new addition to the EarthFirst family of sustainable films provides the converter and brand owner an environmentally friendly alternative to currently available petroleum-based shrink films. EarthFirst TDO shrink film utilizes NatureWorks® PLA resin from NatureWorks LLC. The shrink film is specifically designed for today’s uniquely shaped containers that require high shrink percentages. This new film has been issued a patent-pending status by the United States patent office. — Plastic Suppliers Inc., 2887 Johnstown Road, Columbus, Ohio, 43219, phone: (614) 471-9100, fax: (614) 418-3890, Web site:
Portable Tanks and Kettles
Lee Industries fabricates custom-designed portable vessels to accommodate specific processing and plant requirements. Tanks and kettles can be supplied with a variety of Lee Scraped-Surface Agitators along with high-shear mixers and propeller mixers for normal or heavy-duty applications to 2 million CPS. Vessels can be designed for pressure/vacuum service in addition to normal atmospheric operation and can be supplied with jacketing and insulation. Units can include casters and push handles with pipe frame carts or flat caster plates to mount any auxiliary control panels or pumps. The units range in size from small 1-gallon lab units to larger scale production equipment. — Lee Industries Inc., Process Systems & Equipment Division, P.O. Box 687, Philipsburg, Pa., 16866, phone: (814) 342-0470, fax: (814) 342-5660, e-mail:, Web site:
Increased Vacuum Performance
PIAB’ Control (PCC™) is an integrated control option designed to fine-tune vacuum pump performance and lower energy consumption. Offering many advantages for leak-prone materials, such as corrugated cardboard, PCC is ideally suited for automated handling of porous materials in a variety of industrial manufacturing applications. PIAB’s PCC automatically maintains a pre-set level of vacuum to ensure that a consistent vacuum level, and therefore a secure grip, is provided at the suction point. This feature is reliable during fluctuations in vacuum pressure, caused by product variations or changes in cycle time. Additionally, the PCC allows the pump to always only consume the energy that the optimized vacuum level requires. This unique feature decreases air consumption therefore lowering the overall noise level of the vacuum system. It also reduces physical wear and tear on machinery components and lowers the need for spare part repairs and overall maintenance costs. PCC is offered as a complete package, with valves and vacuum switches. — PIAB USA Inc., 65 Sharp St., Hingham, Mass., 02043, phone: (800) 321-7422, Web site:
Polyester Lidding Film
New FDA-compliant, heat sealable LumiLid® XLS5 polyester lidding film from Toray Plastics features an improved adhesion-promoting surface that offers excellent receptivity to water-based and solvent inks and adhesives. Now lidding on APET, APET-coated board, CPET, PP, HDPE and HIPS containers, including those with pleated corners, can be enhanced with attractive graphics that promote consumer appeal.  Ideal applications include FDA-compliant dual ovenable, sterilization, hot fill, fresh, refrigerated and frozen foods, dairy, wet and dry convenience foods, desserts, beverages and snacks, as well as cap lining for medical and pharmaceutical packaging applications. LumiLid XLS5 technology combines Toray’s original LumiLid XL5 lidding film with a unique co-extruded primed surface that allows the film to be printed. New LumiLid XLS5 can be corona treated if desired. In addition, over lacquer can be applied to protect graphics. LumiLid XLS5 is FDA approved for direct food contact and seals cleanly and securely. It is made without solvents, assuring food manufacturers that their customers experience a fresh, pure food flavor.  Food manufacturers also benefit from LumiLid® XLS5 film’s thick sealant layer that forms a hermetic seal through food that may be on the container lip. — Toray Plastics America Inc., 50 Belver Ave., North Kingstown, R.I., 02852-7500, phone: (401) 294-4511, fax: (401) 294-1480, Web site:
Communications Tools and Materials
To assist customers, brand owners and retailers to handle the company’s nature-based plastics, NatureWorks LLC has introduced Smart Care communications tools and materials to educate and inform the supply chain on the care and handling of packaging and other materials made from NatureWorks PLA. The “Relax and Take Care of NatureWorks PLA” information kit, part of the overall Smart Care Program, was created for the responsible day-to-day handling of NatureWorks PLA based goods. This kit, being mailed to key members of the NatureWorks supply chain, includes a copy of the NatureWorks PLA Smart Care and Handling checklist, poster illustrating shipping and handling icons that can be used in warehouses and manufacturing plants, and iconic box graphics, for printing on corrugated shipping boxes to note NatureWorks PLA-based product in the supply chain. The checklist and icons are also available on the NatureWorks Web site — NatureWorks LLC, P.O. Box 5830, Minneapolis, Minn., 55440-5830, phone: (952) 742-0400.
Stretch Wrapper
Lantech’s new Q-300XT stretch wrapping machine improves life for fork-truck drivers with a larger load-placement window for its automatic film cut-and-clamp system. Designed to eliminate fork-driver dismounts, the patented XT film cut-and-clamp system now allows a generous 10-inch offset for most loads, while providing automatic attachment of the film to the load and cutting of the film upon completion of the wrap cycle. The newly engineered XT module has one-third fewer parts than the previous generation, along with a larger linear bearing, lighter-weight components for reduced inertia and impact, and a new hinged design that flips up for easy cleaning of the mechanism. The fully guarded cut/clamp system also grabs more film at the end of wrapping for improved unitizing reliability. The new XT module is standard on all Q-300XT and S-300 XT stretch wrappers, and a retrofit kit for existing machines with the XT cut and clamp module is available for select models. —, 11000 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, Ky., 40299-2399, phone: (800) 866-0322, Web site:
New Web Site
Global Closure Systems (GCS) has launched a new Web site featuring the company’s product catalogue of plastic and metal closing and dispensing systems. Composed of several long recognized brands including Astra Plastique, Bender, Massmould, Obrist, UCP and Zeller, GCS is one of the largest closure system suppliers to the global marketplace for the food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, household, and industrial markets. — Global Closure Systems, North American sales office: Zeller Plastik Canada Inc., 7900 Keele St., Concord, Ontario, L4K 2A3, Canada, phone: (905) 660-2168, fax: (905) 669-3967, Web site:
All-Stainless Deunitizer
American Conveyor’s all-stainless deunitizer eliminates the need for employees to “drag” stacks of empty crates onto floor conveyors on the way to the washer or stacks of full crates of product on the way to load-out onto an in-floor conveyor after being dropped nearby by a clamp truck. Employing a deunitizer allows the clamp truck to simply drop blocks of stacks that need to be put into a single column on one end of the deunitizer and single stacks of crates exit on the conveyor at the opposite end. The deunitizer has a demonstrated history of paying for itself in less than six months, not including the cost of reduced worker’s comp claims or the shortening of product handling times by a factor five. — American Conveyor Corp., 1819 Flushing Ave., Ridgewood, N.Y., 11385, phone: (718) 386-0480, fax: (718) 456-1233, e-mail:, Web site:
Product Catalog
The new SC-Master2 catalog from Rexroth contains over 600 pages of technical and ordering details regarding industrial pneumatic directional control valves plus electro-pneumatic pressure control valves. Twenty-eight directional control valves are divided into sections including: Plug-in valve manifolds, Traditional valve manifold systems, Inline valves and Manual/Mechanical valves. A separate section details serial link options, electro-pneumatic pressure control valves and the MS01 part present sensing system. Also included is an accessories section which includes solenoid connectors and cables, common fittings and silencers. The catalog is also available on CD upon request. Bosch Rexroth AG is part of the Bosch Group. Under the brand name of Rexroth, the company offers all drive and control technologies, from mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics to electronics and associated service. — Bosch Rexroth Corp., 38000 Hills Tech Drive, Farmington Hills, Mich., 48331, phone: (248) 876-1000, fax: (248) 876-1116, Web site:
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Equipment
Quality assurance and product uniformity is achieved and maintained via automated and integrated gas analyzing, gas mixing, gas flow control and in-line leak detection equipment available from PBI-Dansensor — enabling packagers and marketers of processed, pre-sliced deli products to achieve their objectives for extending shelf-life freshness, eliminating product handling and reducing their customers’ space requirements and point-of-serve costs. The total quality process utilizes PBI-Dansensor’s in-line gas analyzing, gas mixing and gas flow control systems for 100 percent management of the MAP process. In addition, both in-line LeakMatic™ and stand-alone LeakPointer™ non-destructive package leak detectors provide fast-reacting leak tests of the packaged product. The LeakMatic offers 100 percent in-line package testing, while the LeakPointer offers a compact, moveable, cost-effective system well suited for use in the laboratory or for production sampling. — PBI-Dansensor America Inc., 139 Harristown Road, Glen Rock, N.J., 07452, phone: (201) 251-6490, Web site:
Versatile Packaging Solutions
Schneider specializes in end-of-line solutions for case packing and palletizing needs, and offers several automated solutions for packaging gable-top cartons. Initially designed for the dairy and juice industries, the company’s state-of-the-art case packers for gable-top cartons are ideal for any application where gable-top cartons are packaged into corrugated cases. These case packers can be designed as a horizontal or top or bottom-load vertical case packer, and will pack 1/2-gallon gable-top cartons into corrugated containers at speeds up to 33 cases per minute (cpm), depending on pack pattern. —Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., P.O. Box 890, 5370 Guy Young Road, Brewerton, N.Y., 13029, phone: (315) 676-3035, email:, Web site:
Spiral Modules
Koch’s Abcor® HFK ultrafiltration spiral module series provides exceptionally high yields for whey and milk processing as well as for other food and bio/pharmaceutical applications. The Abcor HFK elements use the proprietary KMS semi-permeable polyethersulfone (PES) membrane to achieve 99.8 percent instantaneous protein rejection, a yield that is recognized as the highest within the industry. The Abcor HFK can increase revenues by thousands of dollars per year at a medium-sized processing plant. Backed by more than 35 years of membrane industry experience, KMS has engineered the Abcor HFK membranes to last longer and provide consistent protein recovery. The Abcor HFK elements are available at rated protein separations of 5,000 and 10,000 Daltons, in sizes ranging from 3.8 to 8.3-inches in diameter and 33 to 38-inches in length. They have been specifically designed to conform to 3A, USDA, and FDA guidelines. — Koch Membrane Systems Inc., 850 Main St., Wilmington, Mass., 01887, phone: (978) 657-4250, fax: (978) 657-5208, Web site:
Dewatering Systems
There are more than 1,500 installations worldwide of the Alar Auto-Vac®. The system extracts landfill-ready solids that are more than 50 percent dry, yielding effluent cleared of solids up to 95 percent and filtered down to .0005 millimeters. Turnkey systems are available for dairy, bakery, meat and other food and beverage applications. A new interactive CD is available that showcases Alar’s complete line of wastewater solutions. — Alar Engineering Corp., 9651 W. 196th St., Mokena, Ill., 60448, phone: (708) 479-6100, fax: (708) 479-9059, e-mail:, Web site:
Form, Fill and Seal System
Nimco’s Model 780TGI CAP-PAC Spout Applicator Form, Fill and Seal System is designed for the filling of liquid foods and available with either a standard time filler or optional flow meter for viscous products or products containing particulates. Optional auxiliary fillers are available for moist and dry foods. Each Nimco machine is constructed on a sanitary stainless-steel frame and utilizes all mechanical drive systems to ensure operating reliability and reduced operating costs. The machines feature waist-level carton and spout loading systems, variable speed drives and electric reciprocating forced-air heaters to produce superior carton seals. In addition, the company offers an optional High Hygiene Ultra Clean System — HEPA and H2O2 Carton Sterilization — for extended shelf-life products. — Nimco Corp., 1000 Nimco Drive, Crystal Lake, Ill., 60014, phone: (815) 459-4200, fax: (815) 459-8119, e-mail:, Web site:
Multiple Tank Level System
The King Gage® LP3 tank level system is designed for greater flexibility within today’s process environment. Combining data acquisition with a complete HMI display and plant integration solution, the King-Gage LP3 system works in processing environments with multiple tanks or process vessels requiring level measurement and inventory monitoring. The LP3 system can eliminate the need for dedicated I/O typically employed by a PLC or other process control device. — King Engineering Corp., 3201 S. State St., P.O. Box 1228, Ann Arbor, Mich., 48106, phone: (734) 662-5691, fax: (734) 662-6652, Web site:
Color Label Printer
Primera’s LX810 Color Label Printer is an inkjet-based printer designed to print short-run, full-color labels at 4800 dpi print resolution. The LX810 prints full-color photos, text, graphics, illustrations and bar code labels. Printed labels are scratch and smudge-resistant and virtually waterproof. The LX810 is easy to set-up and operate. It comes equipped with printer drivers for Windows® 2000/XP and Macintosh® OS X version 10.2 or higher. NiceLabel™ SE, Primera Edition label design software is included for Windows users. Mac and Windows users can also create graphics in any popular label design software. The LX810 interfaces to either a PC or Mac with a high-speed USB 2.0 connection. The LX810 is available in more than 85 countries through Primera’s authorized resellers and distributors. — Primera Technology, Two Carlson Parkway North, Plymouth, Minn., 55447, phone: (763) 475-6676, fax: (763) 475-6677, Web site:  
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