TIC Gums Receives FDA Notification on Self-Affirmed GRAS Creates Expanded Opportunities for Food Manufacturers to Use Modified Gum Acacia

White Marsh, MD - October 20, 2008 - Stabilizer manufacturer TIC Gums announced today that the FDA has evaluated the self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status for its line of modified gum acacia emulsifiers. Following this evaluation, the FDA responded to TIC Gums that they did not question the basis for TIC Gums’ GRAS determination. This updated status permits the use of modified gum acacia in a wide variety of foods and beverages.

The first product in the line, TICAmulsion® A-2010, was initially launched with the more limited FEMA GRAS status in 2004 for use in flavor and beverage emulsions. In 2007 it was self-affirmed by an independent expert panel of scientists. TICAmulsion A-2010 offers improved functionality over other emulsifiers because it effectively emulsifies the most difficult systems such as those that contain oil levels of 20% or more.

“The FDA’s notification is an exciting advance for manufacturers. They now have many new opportunities to use our modified gum arabic technology to a wide range of foods,” states Greg Andon, president of TIC Gums.

Other products in the line include Saladizer® Max, which provides superior emulsions for dressings and sauces, Ticaloid® Icing Max which aids aeration, water binding and emulsification in icings and Nutriloid® Max which provides emulsification for challenging nutritional oils.

TIC Gums is the #1 preferred hydrocolloid supplier to the U.S. food industry for nine consecutive years supplying a complete line of gums and gum systems: Agar, Agaroid®, Alginates, Acacia, Aragum®, Caragum, Carrageenan, Colloids, FASTir™, Freedom Gum, Guar, Guarcel®, GuarNT®, Inulin, Ticacel MCC, Locust Bean Gum, Nutriloid®, Pectin, Pre-Hydrated®, Saladizer®, Stabilizers, Ticagel™, Ticaloid®, Ticalose® CMC, Ticaxan®, Xanthan and Ticamulsion®.