MicroThermics, Inc., a leading supplier of laboratory and small-scale aseptic processors and pasteurizers for fluid products based in Raleigh, N.C., received the 2011 Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award for its laboratory-scale UHT/HTST direct-indirect process system with full automation from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Chicago. The use of the process simulator significantly reduces time-to-market, costs associated with developing and processing new products and results in advanced quality, safety and efficiency of food product production.

This system is unique because it enables researchers to process products using indirect and steam injection processing. It is currently being used to develop juices, yogurts, puddings, milks and milk replacements such as soymilk or rice milks.

“Simulating actual plant conditions in the lab, such as heating and cooling, in-line processes, hold times, etc., is critical in product development. Inaccuracy in laboratory processing costs companies dearly in terms of time and money. As steam injection gained popularity with the advent of protein drinks and milk replacements such as soymilk, our clients needed to be able to conduct indirect processing and steam injection. As a result, we developed this processor to simulate actual plant conditions and enable them to work with these processing methods quickly, easily and accurately,” says David Miles, vice president.

MicroThermics offers a wide range processing equipment and miniature plant-trial services to create samples of juices, yogurts, soymilks, puddings, sauces and more. The 2011 DIPW processor combines indirect and steam injection processing (with vacuum cooling) into one machine, enabling researchers to evaluate the effects of either style process on product quality and fouling. This processor has multiple heating and cooling styles, a unique central connection panel and a hold tube bank providing unparalleled flexibility. Additionally, it works with any of their options, including touch-screen PLC control and data logging package, plate heat exchangers, in-line homogenizer, ultra-clean filler, feed/mix tanks and more.

IFT recognizes outstanding achievements in food science and technology through annual awards that highlight the commitment of professionals and companies who work diligently to help ensure the world’s food supply is safe, abundant, nutritious and affordable. The awards will be presented at IFT’s Annual Meeting and Food Expo, June 11-15 in New Orleans. MicroThermics will be exhibiting its new products at Booth 6313.

For more information about MicroThermics, visit www.microthermics.com.