Susan Edwards, manager of foodservice and corporate chef at Sealed Air’s Cryovac division, Duncan, S.C., has been elected to the board of directors of Research Chefs Association (RCA), Atlanta, Ga., effective this month. From a slate of candidates, the more than 2,300 members voted online through a third-party election process.

A member of RCA since 2005, Edwards has served on the nominations and board development committee for four years.

“This is a crowning achievement for me,” Edwards says. “I’ve never been on a board and this being made up of my peers is especially gratifying for me. And the fact that Cryovac is a diamond sponsor of the RCA makes me even prouder.”

Janet Carver, president of RCA, responding to the election results, says, “I couldn’t be happier about Susan’s election to the board. She’s been a vital member for many years and we plan on putting her many talents to use as we continue our mission of advancing food science as well as the culinary arts.”

Edwards joined Sealed Air’s Cryovac division in 2009, initiating a new direction for the company and its efforts in the foodservice industry. “I play several roles at Cryovac,” Edwards says. “My training and experience in food science enables me to help segments in the foodservice industry become more efficient in their operations and menu planning by providing education to them on packaging features. I’m also the corporate chef and it gives me a wonderful opportunity to work with the more artistic side of food and food packaging.”

Sales support to end-users is also part of her job, Edwards says. “In packaging, we work primarily with food processors, not the end-user. But in my position, I interact directly with the end-user in establishing an effective and cost-saving packaging program. It’s usually pretty easy for them to see how the right packaging reduces waste, not increases it. But I have to remain totally objective in my recommendations, how ever it comes in handy that Cryovac has the most innovative packaging for the foodservice industry as well as retailers.”

In other news, Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand was named recipient of a silver award in technical innovation for its Oven Ease bag from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), Linthicum, Md., at the 2011 Annual FPA Achievement Awards, which takes place March 9-11 in Naples, Fla.

The award-winning Oven Ease cooking bag expands the fresh meat category by delivering a single package that offers vacuum-fresh packaging with cooking convenience. The meat cooks in its own juices or seasonings, completely unattended, with no need to touch the meat beforehand. Clean up is simple with its one-step package.

The FPA award winners will be announced March 10 during a dinner ceremony held at the 55th annual meeting. The Cryovac Oven Ease cooking bag was one of 78 entries where 15 winners were selected in four different categories.

“Oven Ease is a classic example of how packaging innovation can dramatically affect an entire category. It allows for true added value in its convenience for consumers and great flexibility for processors to expand and customize their product offerings,” says Jay Wilson, senior marketing director of Sealed Air.

For processors, the Oven Ease bag opens up new business opportunities as it works with most existing equipment. In foodservice applications, Oven Ease vacuum packaging ensures freshness and extended shelf life while promoting labor efficiencies by reducing prep and cleanup time. Sanitation is not an issue because no human hands touch the product until it is fully cooked, eliminating contamination concerns. Oven Ease packaging allows retailers to expand their product offerings and encourages trial of value cuts that shoppers may not know how to cook.

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