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For more than half a century, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell has been involved in the design, manufacturing and application of external circumferential piston (ECP)-style, rotary positive displacement (PD) pumps. Users are said to benefit from decades of continuing product improvement and the availability of a stainless steel gear cases. The PD pumps are in service around the world in food, dairy, canning, bakery, beverage and pharmaceutical processing.

SPX Flow Technology



Unload and transfer highly viscous materials like caramel, chocolate and fruit purees into dairy products with Graco’s SaniForce pump line. SaniForce air-operated double diaphragm pumps, which are available with 3-A certifications, are ideal for low- to medium-viscosity applications. And, the piston pumps and drum unloaders can effortlessly move highly viscous materials with up to 99% evacuation rates.

Graco Inc.



Aseptomag has more than 30 years experience providing products and expertise to its international client base. Its valves are designed to be used where the most stringent sanitary conditions are required. And, its AV aseptic shut-off valve is the foundation of the product line. The line is said to be reliable, adaptable and ease to maintain with a low total cost of ownership.

Aseptomag North America LLC



The 365it Complete is the first PMO mix-proof valve that does not require a full port leakage chamber and meets 3-A Sanitary Standard 85-02, which includes cleaning via valve seat lifting for use in dairy plants. Compared to traditional mix proof valves, the 365it Complete weighs less, loses less CIP during seat lifting and uses less air. By combining the 365it Complete PMO with the IntelliTop 2.0, processors receive maximum efficiency and safety in a smaller footprint.

Südmo North America Inc.



Martin Brothers provides new, used and rebuilt product pumps, including those by Crepaco, Cherry Burrell and Waukesha. All items are in stock and ready to ship.

Martin Brothers



Fristam’s new FKL A positive displacement pump series features a clean, rounded exterior, split-style gearbox for easy access to bearings and shafts and customizable port-to-port dimensions for easy drop-in replacement of other PD pumps. The FKL A is built for no-disassembly-required “true CIP.” Plus, its balanced rotors, large-diameter shafts and heavy-duty gearbox make it durable and reliable.

Fristam Pumps USA



GEA Tuchenhagen offers a wide range of sanitary flow components for the dairy, food and beverage industries. Products include mix-proof, single-seat, divert, modulating, butterfly, pressure relief and sample valves, valve control technology, inline instrumentation, cleaning devices, vessel protection and cleaning systems and the mix-proof 24/7 PMO Valve and the 24/7 PMO Tank Valve (said to be the first to be authorized by the FDA under Memorandum M-b-353 and M-b-359, respectively). Additional services include concept design engineering, manifold prefabrication, preventive maintenance and customer training.

GEA Tuchenhagen



Ampco’s new ZP line of positive displacement pumps are said to be gaining acceptance with end users. ZP pumps are 100% interchangeable with other leading brands, and include valuable upgrades such as a standard 304 SS gear case, 316L wetted parts, 17-4 SS shafts, helical gears and stainless bearing retainers.

Ampco Pumps Co.



Cipriani Harrison Valves manufactures a broad range of sanitary stainless steel processing valves. The latest addition to the Cipriani line is the new 40-Series weir-type diaphragm valve, which is designed for throttling, sampling or shutting off the flow of liquid in ultra hygienic and aseptic applications. This new valve is 3-A authorized and utilizes a patented new seal design called hygieniseal.

Cipriani Harrison Valves Corp.



Spirax Sarco unveiled a new range of lift check valves - LCV3 (cast iron), LCV4 (carbon steel), LCV6 (stainless steel) and LCV7 (SG iron). Designed for EN and ASME standards, these check valves feature a “clamp-in-place seat,” which offers quick and easy in-line maintenance, thus reducing downtime. The check valves also prevent reverse flow in pipelines carrying most types of liquids, steam and gas, protect any item of equipment and avert pressure surges associated with hydraulic forces, such as water hammer.

Spirax Sarco Inc.



The LKH 75 centrifugal pump from Alfa Laval is designed for high-volume milk receiving required by most dairies. Similar to the entire LKH series, it features enlarged inlets combined with an advanced impeller design, resulting in unobstructed product flow and very low NPSH requirements. The pump has a capacity of up to 1,000 gpm and pressures up to 200 feet of water, and features low power consumption and noise emission levels. 

Alfa Laval Inc.



Alfa Laval’s Unique PMO Plus family of continuous process valves offer a host of continuous processing features. For example, the CP is a PMO-compliant mix-proof valve specifically designed for continuous dairy processing. The CP Cheese Curd valve offers gentle yet efficient continuous handling of the largest curd particulates. And the CP tank valves are completely drainable in vertical or horizontal positions for continuous processing right up to the tank port.

Alfa Laval Inc.



Tetra Pak offers a complete range of flow equipment, including pumps, valves and fittings for all sanitary processing needs. Its premium flow equipment is said to outperform customers’ expectations for installations, performance and sanitary production. Tetra Pak flow equipment includes LKH centrifugal and SRU rotary lobe pumps and Unique SSV (7000) single-seat and Unique PMO mix-proof valves.

Tetra Pak Inc.



piCLASSIC is Piab’s upgraded vacuum pump series based on COAX technology. Suitable for a wide range of handling applications in the dairy field with large capacities despite its small size and low weight, the piCLASSIC is designed with greater efficiencies than previous pumps in this size class. With an initial high amount of flow, there is no need for expensive vacuum tanks and vacuum valves that are usually needed on machines performing at high rates of speed using rotary vane pumps. With its compressed air source for energy, the piCLASSIC is easy to turn on/off, thus making it ideal for operations that only need vacuum intermittently - a great energy saver.




Lee Industries’ fluid transfer in-line and flush-bottom jacketed, 3-A sanitary-certified ball valves are designed for unobstructed flow while discharging or in-line piping of liquid, semi-liquid or solid-in-liquid batches. The unique design of these valves makes them an ideal solution for the dairy foods industry. Precision made of Type 316-L/316 stainless steel, they are designed for corrosion-resistant, sanitary applications where product solidification is a concern. The solid construction assures hot or cold flow through the valve, providing maximum reliability and failure-free performance under the most extreme conditions. Standard sizes range from 1 ½ to 4 inches.

Lee Industries, Inc.



MasoSine now offers a 20-year warranty on Sine pump housing. Unlike lobe pumps, MasoSine food and beverage pumps are engineered for a long service life without the high cost or inconvenience of off-site factory remanufacturing or reconditioning. Customers can eliminate inventory of custom parts for reconditioned lobe pumps because Sine pump parts are always the same size. Plus, with a single shaft and rotor, there is no need for the complex timing gears and multiple seals associated with conventional rotary lobe pumps.




The Gamajet-88 is a rotary impingement system designed specifically for tanker cleaning. The Gamajet-88 creates high-impact jets, which scour the tank interior, blasting residue from the surface. What makes the Gamajet-88 different from traditional Gamajet machines is the utilization of two machines to specifically focus the impact at the bulkheads. These dual machines work in unison to offer a concise global indexing pattern that covers the entire tanker with twice as many passes at the bulkheads, resulting in the most efficient and effective cleaning in under 20 minutes with 75% less water and chemicals than any other process.

Gamajet Cleaning Systems, Inc.



Rieger partnered with Flow Products to bring a full line of aseptic and hygienic valves to North America. Meeting the highest industry standards, Rieger and Flow Products are committed to innovation, customer care and product reliability.

Flow Products, LLC



The MD Series of rotary feeder valves from ACS Valves consists of a material metering valve that immediately contributes tangible operating efficiency advantages and long-term production and maintenance savings. Constructed with an 8-vane rotary valve that ensures proper pressure sealing at the inlet and outlet flange, these are equipped with an outboard bearing design that removes the bearings from the path of damaging and contaminating materials and protects the bearings in applications up to 750ºF, while easily managing application pressure differentials up to 15 PSIG.

ACS Valves