This month, London-based Milk Marketing Forum will launch its own version of U.S.’s ‘Got Milk?’ campaign with ‘Make Mine Milk’, designed to promote the benefits of low-fat milk.

The movement will feature A-list celebrities sporting milk mustaches and will target health-conscious teens and mothers.

The Milk Marketing Forum is a consortium of leading British dairy companies and milk cooperatives that receive administrative support from Dairy UK and nutritional guidance from The Dairy Council.

‘Make Mine Milk’ follows in the footsteps of the successful Scottish ‘White Stuff’ campaign, which ran from 2003 to 2008 and featured celebrities such as Andy Murray and Nell McAndrew. The launch of the ‘Make Mine Milk’ campaign will see advertisements on super-size poster sites and buses all over Britain, and press ads will run in consumer magazines to drive consumers to the ‘Make Mine Milk’ Web site and online community.

Actors such as Hugh Jackman, Elizabeth Hurley and Beyoncé Knowles have all taken part in the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign in the United States.

Source: Milk Marketing Forum