Gehl Foods Inc. of Germantown, Wis., has selected Westfalia Technologies Inc. of York, Pa., to design, build and install a high-density Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) with Savanna.NET Warehouse Management Software (WMS) in the company’s 300,000-square-foot warehouse. The AS/RS and WMS will maximize Gehl Food’s storage space and provide significant operational savings in labor costs, energy and more.
A leader in the manufacture of quality dairy products for more than a century, Gehl Foods started as a three-room dairy in 1896 with the commitment to make new, and better, dairy products. By the ‘50s, Gehl’s was a popular household brand in the delivery of milk and dairy ingredients. Since, it has traded its regional delivery business for new technology to produce sterile, non-refrigerated dairy products. Additionally, Its leading efforts in sterile packaging have created a new category in foodservice such as direct-from-the-pouch sauces, shelf-stable weight loss shakes and iced coffee beverages. Among the most popular products are puddings, iced lattes, and cheese sauces served from their patented Hot Top 2 dispenser in more than 300,000 locations in North America.
The multi-aisle AS/RS design is based on Westfalia’s multiple deep Satellite technology, which provides the ability to create a compact 6- and 8-pallet deep storage solution. Storing pallets three levels high in the 22-foot high density, non-rack supported building configuration minimizes construction and operating costs. Included in the AS/RS are conveyors, Storage Retrieval Machines (SRM), Satellite rack entry vehicles and WMS interfaces. Westfalia’s fourth generation SRM design provides faster operation and longer life. Due to its sophisticated double mast structural design, it is one of the heaviest-duty SRM's available today.
Westfalia’s Savanna.NET WMS will track all pallets throughout the system, streamlining flow for fast and accurate order management. Specifically, Savanna’s functionality for Gehl’s will include material flow control, order management, reports, logging and interfacing to Gehl’s host ERP system.
Gehl’s AS/RS is to be built in two phases and expected to be completed in the spring of 2011.
Please visit solutions to learn more about the AS/RS and WMS installations. 
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