Gehl Foods, Germantown, Wis., unveiled a new logo, look, feel and tone for its cheese sauces sold in foodservice outlets.

Gehl’s rebranding kit for foodservice operators includes dispenser fronts, posters, shelf talkers and glass clings. The company is sponsoring the “OOEY-GOOEY Sweepstakes” to encourage customers to order the rebranded point-of-sale materials and new dispenser decals.

Gehl Foods Director of Marketing and Product Management Sue Bietsch said, “We asked ourselves, if cheese sauce were a person, what kind of person would it be? It would be lively, witty and fun. We made these characteristics the defining points in our rebrand in the hopes of continuing to increase brand recognition while making customers smile.”

The dairy processor said cheese sauce is enjoyed by more than one million Americans each day and it cited research claiming nearly 90% of consumers believe cheese sauce can make their day brighter and make them smile.

Gehl Foods makes aseptic, ready-to-serve dairy products. Besides cheese sauces, its products include puddings, yogurt and dairy-based beverages sold in restaurants and retail stores under Gehl’s brand. It is also a contract manufacturer of global brands.