Finlandia Cheese Inc., producer of imported cheese, announced its new corporate name, Valio USA. The change, prompted in large part by the company’s recent entry into the dairy innovations market, better encompasses the company’s identity and expanding product line. Christopher Franco has been named CEO of Valio USA, while John Sottile was named president of the company’s Finlandia Cheese Division and Lawrence Morris was appointed marketing director of its new Healthy Dairy Division. 

“The creation of Valio USA marks a significant milestone for our company as we greatly expand the presence of Valio Ltd, our Finland-based parent company, here in the United States,” Franco says. “With the recent introduction of our Real Goodness Brand Lactose Free Milk and expansion into the dairy innovations market, we have determined that it is best to separate our two distinctively different businesses. Our new Healthy Dairy Division will focus on building branded dairy products that have specific health attributes and benefits, produced with proprietary technology of our parent company. The Finlandia Cheese Division will continue to grow by building on our strong brand presence in supermarket deli departments and in the club store trade.”

Finlandia’s new president, John Sottile added, “Finlandia Cheese has been both a household name and the standard for quality imported cheese in the minds of our customers for the past 40 years. As we move forward, the powerful equity of the Finlandia name will continue to provide a solid platform for new product expansion and the company’s growth.”

Valio USA is a subsidiary of Valio Ltd. Founded in 1905, Valio Ltd. is the largest food company in Finland and one of the most dominant forces in the global dairy industry. A pioneer of functional food technology, including the development of probiotics, the company’s technological innovations continue to revolutionize the dairy industry. Valio Ltd.’s commitment to the highest farming ethics and producing the most pure, wholesome and flavorful products have won it the loyalty of consumers the world over. Valio USA is pleased to continue this tradition of excellence by offering these benefits to the U.S. market.

A prime example of Valio USA’s commitment to the consumers is its focus on new dairy innovation products that provide specific health benefits such as its recently introduced Real Goodness Brand Lactose Free Milk. 

“The trend toward functional foods in the U.S. is growing rapidly. By drawing on the world-class technological innovations of our parent company, Valio USA is well positioned to address consumer demand for great tasting, healthy and functional dairy products,” Franco says.
Real Goodness offers all the taste and goodness of real milk without the lactose. Unlike conventional lactose free milks that use a taste-altering enzymatic process to remove the lactose, Real Goodness is produced using a proprietary ultra filtration process, which gently removes the lactose while preserving the integrity and flavor of the milk. Like all Valio USA products, Real Goodness is all natural and made with the highest quality, freshest ingredients available.