Allied Purchasing is the oldest purchasing co-op in the U.S., and its chief service is helping members improve their bottom-line through volume purchasing.

Chris Peterson, national sales mgr.; Dennis Bodoh, ex. v.p. sales and marketing, Brian Janssen, CFO. Not pictured: Carol Peterson - president of Allied Purchasing.
Allied Purchasing is the oldest purchasing co-op in the U.S., and its chief service is helping members improve their bottom-line through volume purchasing.

Allied offers a unique diversified portfolio with growing purchasing opportunities for dairy, beverage, bottled water, treated water and brewing companies. Allied has found that many members' companies also rely on diversification and crossover products to fuel their growth into new production categories.

Allied Purchasing, based in Mason City, Iowa, is a member-owned, not-for-profit purchasing organization led by a board of directors who are also members. With the changing landscape among suppliers and the trend toward company mergers in the industries served, Allied continues to add new members to its current base of 1,600 plant locations. Allied's account managers have an average of 19 years experience dealing with Allied member companies. With this amount of experience, it is easy to see why industry knowledge and helping customers is the group's primary focus.

The company traces its roots to 1937, when a group of smaller independent dairies in Iowa formed the first successful buying group of its type in the nation.

R.O. Linder organized the group, inviting those who were interested in saving money on their purchases of supplies and equipment to a meeting at the Fort Des Moines Hotel, Des Moines, Iowa. Thirty-two men attended the meeting with twenty-one of them agreeing to organize the Iowa Dairy Products Cooperative Association.

The first product the association purchased as a group was strawberries to be used in the manufacture of ice cream. The group grew and diversified over the years to become what is now Allied Purchasing.

Allied's Board of Directors help guide the co-op's success, and as owners of companies they draw from their personal experiences in running their own businesses. The Board members are as follows:

Homer Sledge Jr., president of Nehi Bottling Co., Cleveland, Miss.; Lonny Saulsbury, asst. gen. mgr. Northern Division, Kemps, LLC; Thomas Heiken, president of Crystal Clear Water, Des Moines, Iowa,; Fred Dewey Jr., president of Harrisburg Dairies, Harrisburg, Penn.; Bob McCollum, president of Culligan Tri-Cities, Blountville, Tenn.; Malone Garrett, president Nantze Springs Water in Dothan, Ala.; Rick Doerner, president Fizz-O Water, Tulsa, Okla.; Ken Kohlwey, president of Cedar Crest Ice Cream in Manitowoc, Wis. The President of Allied Purchasing is Carol Peterson, and senior staff is made of Brian Janssen - ex. v.p., admin., Dennis Bodoh - ex. v.p., sales and marketing, and Chris Peterson - national sales mgr.

Products at a glance

  • Bottles (HDPE, polycarbonate, PET), resin (HDPE & PET)
  • Crates, racks, labels, bags (BIB)
  • Shrink/Stretch wrap, corrugated, partitions, ice cream cartons
  • Sweeteners, citric acid, invert sugar, cones, nuts, and other ingredients and flavors
  • Water coolers, caps, coffee, coffee brewers, chemicals,
  • Crocks, cups & dispensers, filters/membranes/housings, water testing
  • Pumps, freezers, closures, milk coolers, milk cartons,
  • Fastenal
  • Cleaning/sanitizing treatments

Prospective members can join Allied by purchasing a one-time stock share for $50.00. This investment provides the independent business the chance to lower costs, gain buying power, and compete as a larger entity while concentrating on its core business.

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