Stoelting's new Model F431is a narrow (191⁄2" wide), twin twist floor model freezer with refrigerated cab. The F431 with Stoelting's new, sleek, rounded-corner design, has two mix pumps and two 5-gallon mix storage containers w/bag connection system, plus non-contact mix-out system to eliminate most contamination sources. This machine is built for consistent control of all mixes including low-fat, low sugar (low-carb) mixes, and will maintain high production capacity even in high temperature conditions.


The GIF 2000/4000 range of ice cream freezers from Gram Equipment offers a number of features. The units are extremely compact, the wet/cold and dry components are kept completely separate for superior hygiene, and the freezers work with a very small ammonia charge, due to the cyclone in the refrigeration system. They can also operate with sub-cooled liquids. The space-saving compact design means a 33% reduction in footprint compared with previous models. The extremely small ammonia charge benefits the ice cream manufacturer's environmental profile, which receives a further boost from the lower energy consumption needed for any given production volume. The GIF 2000 and 4000 ice cream freezers are equipped with a PLC control system that features a color touch screen with a wide range of programmable pre-set configurations that provide information about maintenance, alarm lists, system status, service requirements and spare part lists. Programmable settings ensure the most efficient operations possible, as well as making it easier for a manufacturer to adjust production to meet changing requirements, with a minimum of delay or waste of product.

Gram Equipment of America

Tetra Pak Hoyer
The Hoyer Frigus KF seriesintroduces a new regulation principle based on advanced control loops, which enables faster start up and more rapid adjustment of production parameters. Combined with automatic compensation for variation in barometric pressure, this allows extreme output accuracy and excellent overrun control. The line offers a broad range of capacities, it is compatible with Siemens or Allen Bradley PC/PLC controls, and is fully CIPable, with an integrated CIP pump.

Tetra Pak Hoyer Inc.

The Chester-Jensen Instant Chiller line offers a variety of functions, many with applications for the dairy processor. Primarily, they provide a sanitary means to instantly, continuously, and safely chill water, brine, glycols and other homogenous fluids to within 1ºF of their freezing point. The units are open or closed type cabinets, available in both type 304 and type 316 stainless steel. All evaporator plates are ASME certified for operation at 200 PSIG at 200ºF. Refrigerant controls are available for use with Ammonia (R-717), Freon (R-22), or other alternative refrigerants. Customized reservoirs can be provided to accommodate all system requirements. Chillers are available in a wide range of capacities from as little as three tons to as large as 750 tons.

Chester Jensen

Spiral Freezers from Aerofreeze, a division of Aero Heat Exchangers offer a number of features that could have applications for ice cream makers, including completely all seamless welded stainless steel enclosure for small and medium capacities, and an optional re-circulating CIP system. They offer all stainless steel welded construction for optimum hygiene, guaranteed performance, and high quality workmanship. The robust, reliable machines are designed for long life and easy maintenance. They feature easy access with no hidden areas.


WCB Ice Cream has introduced the CREAM freezer.The term "Low-Draw Temperature Ice Cream" refers to the process of producing ice cream or related products (low-fats, sherbets, frozen yogurt, etc.) exiting the freezer at temperatures less than the traditional -5.6