The latest in all kinds of equipment, much of it straight from Worldwide Food Expo.

High Speed Disperser from Admix

The Rotosolver® is a patented high speed disperser, available with completely stainless steel mixing head, drive frame and motor. The Rotosolver features a unique construction where the serrated rotors, fixed within a slotted stator, can be completely cleaned without disassembly. It has no wearing parts in product zone, a single shaft, obstruction-free design and meets 3-A TPV Standard #73-00 and USDA-AMS specifications. Available from pilot plant 1 Hp models to 100 Hp production sizes. For more information call 800/466-2369 or visit

RFID Label Printer from Avery Dennison Printer Systems

The Avery Dennison™ AP 5.4 RFID Printer is an extremely cost-effective solution for companies implementing RFID labeling or for those upgrading to RFID Gen 2-level. Equipped with a high-speed microprocessor, the AP 5.4 RFID Printer encodes and verifies RFID labels, and prints all popular 1D and 2D bar codes, graphics and human-readable copy on label surfaces. The printer's detect-and-reject capability detects improperly encoded RFID labels and identifies them with a printed marker. The printer accepts plug-in cards containing logos or additional graphics. Call 215/728-8054 or email Dan Williams at

Roll-Fed Labeler from B&H

B&H Labeling systems' new Marathon™ XL is a roll-fed labeler that features SMARTdrive™, an all-electronic drive train. With a servomotor-driven feed screw and container stabilization features, the Marathon XL handles containers from 8 oz. to 3 liters at speeds up to 650 containers per minute. Five independent servomotors communicate on a high-speed digital bus to precisely synchronize component operations such as label feeding, cutting, gluing and container transport. B&H guarantees labeling defect rates of less than 0.05%. For more information call 209/537-5785 x229 or visit

Standardizer from CPS Scherping

After extensive development, CPS Scherping is proud to announce that the Casein-Fat Standardizer (CFS) is operational and at the end of the development phase. The CFS is a cheese milk blending system utilizing continuous product testing and closed loop control to optimize the Casein/Fat (C/F) Ratio of cheese milk. Optimizing the C/F Ratio in the cheese vat improves yield, provides consistent quality, and maximizes economic profit. For more information, contact Seth Teply, Electrical Engineer, CPS Scherping at 320/485-4401.

Heat Exchangers from Chester Jensen

A complete line of Plate Heat Exchangers is available from Chester-Jensen. Frames are available in solid stainless steel or coated carbon steel. Both metal-to-metal and gasket supported plate designs available in either type 304 or 316 stainless steel and appropriate quantity and thickness of plate sized for individual duty. Custom engineering is standard with all units. Single piece gaskets, molded from a variety of formulated elastomers are selected to best meet application requirements. All plate surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized safely and effectively by properly designed in-place recirculation systems. All units easily opened for thorough internal inspection. For more information contact Chester-Jensen Co. at 800/685-3750. Or visit

Robotic Packaging Equipment from Delkor

Minn.-based Delkor's Line of Fanuc Robotic Solutions offers flexibility a packaging line. Delkor has teamed up with Fanuc Robotics North America to provide a variety of robotic solutions from carton loading to palletizing. From Delkor's patented Spot-Pak® packages to standard boxes or cases, Delkor can provide the programming, installation, maintenance and training of the right robot solution. The company introduced several other packaging machines at WWFE, including Flex-Loader™, SP-500i Spot-Pak system, STF Servo Tray and Carton Former and the MTF Mechanical Locking Style Carton Former. For more information call Delkor at 800/328-5558, or visit

Gabletop Filler from Elopak

The new Pure-Pak® P-S50S filling machine from Elopak, Inc. fills 5,000 standard cross-section, gable-top cartons per hour, from half-pints to quarts (250 ml to liter). To improve performance and reliability and shorten assembly time, the P-S50S replaces many traditional mechanical components with electronic servo control by Mitsubishi Electric Automation. The design maximizes accessibility as well as productivity, and simplifies cleaning. It requires just 86 square feet of floor space. The first machine is now operating at a Swedish dairy, and the model will soon be available in North America. For more information call 248/486-4600 or visit

Filling System from Fogg Filler

The Fogg Fill Pro Series filling system delivers greater flexibility and accuracy in hot and cold product filling. Extended shelf life designs are available. Fill Pro features a 2-to-1 transfer ratio and 3-year warranted gear drive for smoother, more efficient output -less on the floor and more out the door. Our exclusive tool-less changeover, patented valves and touch screen controls make operation a breeze. The Fill Pro is engineered with an integrated safety enclosure and available with tribloc rotary rinsers, HEPA enclosures and CIP hardware. For more information call Fogg Filler Co. at 616/786-3644 or visit

Positive Displacement Pumps from Fristam

FKL Series high performance positive displacement pumps from Fristam are now available with stainless steel rotors to handle a wider range of products. With the introduction of stainless steel rotors, more processes can benefit from the high efficiency and durability of the FKL. The FKL's tight clearances provide better efficiencies and gentler handling of shear sensitive products than comparable rotary lobe pumps. The FKL is CIP-able with no performance loss and designed for ease of maintenance. For more information contact Fristam Pumps USA at 608/831-5001 or visit

Novelty Filler from Gram Equipment

A new bottom up filler has been added to Gram Equipment's range of ice cream filling equipment for molded stick novelty machines. The Bottom Up Filler's distribution valve and bottom up servo-driven movement allows for the filling of low temperature ice cream directly from the ice cream freezer into the mold cup. The ice cream can be filled into the mold cup with or without particulates at a temperature of 21F. The filler is supplied directly from the continuous freezer. For more information call 813/248-1978 or visit

Washdown-Ready Checkwiegher from Hi-Speed

Hi-Speed introduces X-series, its new timesaving, IP 69K compliant, "no tools required" checkweigher. X-series is ideal for products that are wet, sticky, or abrasive. This totally new design features smooth contours, a highly visible 15" user interface proven to withstand very harsh environments, and a controller that seamlessly integrates multiple inspection functions. The X-series can be sanitized quickly and allows a single operator to monitor multiple lines. For more information call 800/836-0836 or visit

Plate Heat Exchanger from Invensys APV

Invensys APV has introduced the new Vega V028 plate and Binary-Drive Paraflow PHE - suitable for small to medium sized applications in a neat, compact package. The Binary-Drive incorporates all the benefits of the Quad-Drive technology but with a lower capital investment and smaller footprint and height envelope. The new unit was shown at last month's Worldwide Food Expo along with the R5 Quad-Drive, 1000 plate PHE - The largest capacity hydraulically closed sanitary heat exchanger in the world. Other New products APV displayed at WWFE included the Flex-Mix™ Liquiverter - processor and the latest pumps, valves and homogenizers. For more information call 603/434-0637 or visit

Case Erector from Lantech

Lantech's new C-300 case erector delivers reliability for a machine in the 10-case/minute speed range, utilizing a proprietary design that holds the case square and erect throughout the process. The C-300 comes standard with a powered infeed magazine and automatic case-on-demand operation. The powered infeed allows for a low, horizontal magazine position for easy loading and operator ergonomics. From the infeed magazine, a hinged pick-up frame grabs the case on two panels using suction cups. Even irregular or damaged case blanks are controlled through opening, then held square and erect for flap closing. Special slots in the major flap folders prevent sideways movement. For more information call Lantech at 800/866-0322 or visit

RFID Encoder/Applicator from Markem Corp.

The 800 Series High Speed RFID Encoder/Applicator has been introduced by Markem Corp. for tagging cases of consumer goods. With increased speed and throughput capabilities, the 800 Series is ideal for beverages. Unlike competitive options, the 800 Series delivers the combination of features necessary for RFID implementation, all without sacrificing production throughput. It is EPCglobal Gen 2 compliant and provides users the ability to tag up to 100 cases per minute. The 800 Series also facilitates flexible tag placement options to meet positioning requirements and is built to integrate with existing software. Call 866/263-4644 or visit

Heat Exchanger from Mueller

The Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger is a compact heat exchanger consisting of embossed heat transfer plates with perimeter gaskets to contain pressure and control the flow of each medium. The gasketed plates are assembled in a pack, mounted on upper and lower guide rails, and compressed between two end frames with compression bolts. For more information call Paul Mueller Co. at 800/MUELLER (683-5537) or visit

Sandwich Packing System from NDS

The 1091 Rapid Pack System from Norse Dairy Systems (NDS) safely and efficiently handles the repetitive task of loading wafers quickly and consistently. It also speeds the packaging of finished ice cream sandwiches. The 1091 Rapid Pack System integrates with a top-loading cartoner, allowing for the bright, attention-getting graphics so important to point-of-sale impact. Also featured at WWFE was a new safety-enhanced VL-II cone system , with added safety guards and light curtains. For more information contact NDS at 614/294-4931 or visit

Pilot Homogenizer from Niro Soavi Inc

The Twin Panda homogenizer is a tabletop model designed for the laboratory/pilot needs of companies processing food and dairy products. It is a unique unit, with the ability to process small volumes of liquids and pumpable fluids. The Twin Panda is designed to homogenize samples at pressures up to 8700 PSI. The internal design has special features permitting the homogenizer to handle feeds at high viscosity up to 20,000 cP and at temperatures up to 90°C (194°F) without a feeding pump. Contact info: 715/386-9371

Variegating Piston Depositor from T.D. Sawvel

The Model 133 DP-V, from T.D. Sawvel represents the first time batch freezer producers have been offered the capability to easily package small cups of variegated product. The 133 DP-V has a unique two-cylinder design with varying bore sizes. The internally ported cylinders bring the variegate together with the ice cream as it is dispensed into the desired cup size. The fill nozzles may be easily modified for the creation of unique patterns. For more information call 877/488-1816 or visit

Ice Cream Freezer from Tetra Pak Hoyer

The Hoyer Frigus KF series introduces a new regulation principle based on advanced control loops, which enables faster start up and more rapid adjustment of production parameters. Combined with automatic compensation for variation in barometric pressure, this allows extreme output accuracy and excellent overrun control. The line offers a broad range of capacities, it is compatible with Siemens or Allen Bradley PC/PLC controls, and is fully CIPable, with an integrated CIP pump. For more information contact Tetra Pak Hoyer Inc. at 262/249-7400 or visit

Ice Cream Filler from Tetra Pak Hoyer

Tetra Pak has launched Hoyer DeepBlue, a new and total concept for low temperature ice cream. Hoyer DeepBlue allows ice cream makers to:

• Expand markets with exciting, new and healthier products

• Increase margins with reduced ingredient costs

• Boost line efficiency for rapid payback

The core of this exiting concept is the Hoyer DeepBlue CK low temperature freezer which by a new cold kneading freezing process creates a fine-structured ice cream with improved product quality, smoother mouthfeel and creamier taste. For more information call 294-7400 or visit

Homogenizer from Tetra Pak

The new Tetra Alex 350 from Tetra Pak is a new homogenizer for beverage and dairy products introduced at WWFE. The Alex 350 follows the same proven design concept as the Tetra Alex 400. It offers an impressive capacity range, handling flow rates up to 9000 gph and pressures up to 5800 psi. This machine can be designed to meet processing needs as either a high pressure pump or a homogenizer. The Alex 350 is designed to offer considerable improvements in homogenization efficiency when compared to a conventional device. It utilizes fully reversible seats and forcers which further improves the operational economy. For more information contact Tetra Pak at 800/806-9675 or visit

Ice Cream Equipment from Tindall Packaging

Tindall Packaging has an excellent reputation for building simple, low maintenance, cost saving equipment from the 890 and 790 Semi Automatic Fillers used with batch freezers, to the models 135, 136, 294, 814, 815, 816, 817, and the model T fillers for ice cream, all used with continuous freezers. Tindall Packaging also manufactures the model 316 ice cream or cream cheese cake filler. Tindall Packaging Inc. has been known to take on some unusual projects, such as marble drop equipment for the spray paint industry, bait packaging systems, dirt machines, and the unique worm packaging system. For more information contact Tindall 269/649-1163 or visit

Ink Jet Printer from Videojet

Videojet Technologies Inc. has developed the Excel® 170i ink jet printer for applications that require coding at high speeds on a variety of materials. The printer can print up to three lines of alphanumerics, bar codes and custom graphics on virtually any substrate at nearly any production speed. Using a single printhead, the Excel 170i offers single-, twin-, triple-line or large-size printing. The unit can serialize, automatically advance expiration dates and print numbers and messages on any surface-porous, non-porous, smooth, curved, textured or ribbed. For more information call 800/843-3610 or visit

Low Draw Freezer from WCB Ice Cream

WCB Ice Cream has introduced the Cream freezer, for making "Low-Draw Temperature Ice Cream." For many years freezer manufacturers have had freezers capable of producing low-draw temperatures, but only recently have ice cream manufacturers been able to utilize the lower temperatures in normal production. Recent dramatic improvements have been realized from the utilization of the "low-draw" temperature technology. The acronym "Cream" stands for the - Continuous product Re-circulation with complete Emulsification of overrun Air and Mix. WCB Ice Cream's system includes continuous product re-circulation, pre-aeration, a hybrid dasher assembly, and refined freezer controls. For more information call WCB Ice Cream at 201/784-1101 or visit