Alfa Laval has just launched a newly developed Tri-Clover Unique 7000 Series of single-seat valves. The Tri-Clover Unique 7000 valve is specifically designed for the dairy, beverage, brewery, food and other sanitary industries that demand optimum hygiene.

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval has just launcheda newly developed Tri-Clover Unique 7000 Series of single-seat valves. The Tri-Clover Unique 7000 valve is specifically designed for the dairy, beverage, brewery, food and other sanitary industries that demand optimum hygiene. The Unique 7000 valve body is deep drawn and pressed from a single steel disc. The absence of welds ensures that there are no porosities and no dead zones where product can be trapped, while provides enhanced CIP capabilities. The 3A-compliant valve has a double-working lip seal, which minimizes the risk of product contamination. The upgraded sealing concept has a defined compression of sealing with metal-to-metal contact. A standard TR2 seat ring provides lower maintenance, CIP and improved operation cost. Available in 1" to 4" sizes, its modular design can fit any process line or valve manifold with automation options ranging from GreenTop, ThinkTop® to Alfa Laval's new IndiTop.

Alfa Laval Inc., USA

An upgraded case palletizer has just been made availablefrom FKI Logisitex, St. Louis. The new options dramatically increase the A-780 model's capacity and its value for low- to mid-speed palletizing applications. The A-780 utilizes high-level infeed and right-angle pattern formation to achieve flexibility. Close-center rollers and a bi-parting apron also allow it to handle a wide variety of case and pallet sizes. A recirculating row pusher is one of several new options offered on the A-780. This feature improves case flow and allows higher capacities. A new high-speed hoist is another option to further increase. Also new is an optional pattern generation utility, which provides the user with the ability to create new stacking patterns through the A-780's user interface. A pattern timing utility, offering the ability to tune existing patterns, is now a standard feature. The A-780 is designed with a heavy-duty frame, premium components, and a minimum number of moving parts. Its advanced diagnostic system displays human-readable messages that enable quick diagnosis of any potential problem.

FKI Logistex North America

Graham Engineering Corp., the York, Pa.-based manufacturer of extrusion blow molding equipment, has made another round of significant improvements in its proprietary SPM series blow molding technology that transfers material directly into a shooting pot for parison delivery. The company developed a next-generation machine capable of molding containers ranging from lightweight dairy and water bottles to 1-gallon or 4-liter industrial handleware processed from HDPE. This particular model features a larger, 4.5" (120 mm)-diameter, high-output, grooved extruder with a 28:1 L/D ratio. It has a shot speed of more than 1,000 grams per second. Graham also offers 1,200-, 2,000- or 3,000-gram shot capacity independent of extruder diameter. The compact Knodler gear motor ensures an exceptionally quiet operation. The extruder has a PSI Model CSC-125 continuous screen changer, a processing option unavailable on reciprocating screw machines.

Graham Engineering Corp.

Fogg Co. of Holland, Mich., introducesa High Speed Microb-Blaster, created so that high-speed, 2-6 log reductions of micro-organisms can be achieved. The system is capable of sanitizing bottles or caps in a dry, residue-free environment, which eliminates the need for a supply chemical system and chemical disposal. The system is designed to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of undesirable live microorganisms in the bottles and/or caps. The cap system is located in the track, which transports caps from the feeder/elevator to the capper. This system can sanitize caps with speeds up to 1,200 caps per minute.

Fogg Company

Designed to free up plant space, resolve alignment issues and increase process productivity, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell introduces the Tru-Fit close-coupled pump drive. With an average of 20-25% reduction in overall pump length, Tru-Fit's self-aligning shaft eliminates the need for couplings and guards. Features include up to 50 gear ratios for each size, optional stainless-steel base and a three-bolt mounting to minimize pump change out time.

From its valve family, WCB offers PMO mix proof valves designed to meet criteria of the PMO for Grade A dairy processes. This valve is machined from solid bar construction and has a standard pressure rating of 150 psi (10 bar). The valve is available in1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 4, and 6-inch tube OD sizes.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
SPX Process Equipment


Sawvel's new 113S-K offersversatility with its compact, single-head, scale-controlled liquid filler. This model is designed for customers who need a better fill system for their edible oils, milk-based liquids, or other liquid foods. Sawvel's new model enables the customer to fill product containers accurately by weight. Model 113S-K includes a scale indicator, base with load cell, 1.5" LEE air-operated ball-valve assembly, and FRL assembly. The scale base and control indicator are set up for easy install onto the customer's existing table.


Krones AG, which just deliveredits 3,000th machine, celebrates its Canmatic range of labeling machines. The fully automated systems apply a range of cut wrap-around labels. Different variants are available, which allow the Canmatic to label between 15,000 and 84,000 containers per hour. Krones' modular component system combines hotmelt labeling stations with one or several cold-glue labeling stations. With hotmelt labeling, the cylindrical part of the container is covered with the label.

Krones AG
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Fristam's new FKL 15 displacement pump offersa displacement of 0.016 gal/rev. while the new FKL 20 offers 0.032 gal/rev. These new models feature a split-style gearbox for easier maintenance. Both feature CIP ability with no performance loss. Additionally, the oil bath gearboxes on both models use no bearing grease and require oil change-out only every 4,000 hours. The FKL 15 and FKL 20 are manufactured of 316L stainless steel, with the exception of their non-galling stainless steel rotors. With these additions, Fristam now offers nine high-performance FKL models.

Fristam Pumps USA

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc. offersseveral automated solutions for packaging gable top cartons into corrugate cases. These case packers can be designed as a horizontal, or a top or bottom load vertical case packer, and will pack half-gallon gable top cartons at speeds up to 33 cases per minute, depending on pack pattern. The high-speed horizontal case packer is designed for repeatable, rapid changeovers from the 3-pack convenience case to the 4, 6, and 8-pack case for half-gallon style cartons. Schneider has other machine designs to accommodate half-pint, pint, quart, and gallon cartons. Features include, Allen Bradley Logix controls, a multiple case size magazine, touch-screen operation and diagnostics. Accessible construction in stainless steel (carbon steel available) and NEMA 4X construction (NEMA 12 available) are also features.

Schneider Packaging Equipment Company

Graco has introduceda series of quick knock down Husky sanitary diaphragm pumps that offer flow rates up to 150 gpm. The Husky 3150 models are available with ball or flapper checks. The ball check models pass solids up to 1 inch while the flapper check models can pass solids up to 2.5 inches. An optional conversion kit allows easy change from one design to the other. Other features of the self-priming Husky 3150 pumps include lube-free operation, which is essential when handling food products; tri-clamp connections and a superior air valve with a 15-year warranty. The pumps are available as stand-mounted or in 55-gallon or 300-gallon unloader packages.


High-speed production can be achievedon Evergreen's linear indexing bottle filling systems at speeds up to 54,000 bottles per hour or 16,000 cph on a carousel platform. Clean (sterile air cover), ultra clean (Extended Long Life), and aseptic applications with multiple dosing stations for both liquids and particulates allow for more flexibility. Multiple bottle configurations can also be run on the same machine. Domed bottles are fed into the machine, and an integrated neck trimmer splices off the injection-molded head. The bottles are already within the clean area of the filling machine, which prevents the bottle from being recontaminated. The bottles move through a combination thermal and chemical sterilization process. They are then filled, have a foil lid applied and sealed on the bottle, and are sent to a downstream capping machine.

Evergreen Packaging Equipment

Norse Dairy Systems' new 1091 Rapid Pack System usesrobotics as an integral part of the production process. Robotics means faster operating speeds for greater productivity and a smaller, more cost-effective, operating team, the company claims. The NDS 1091 Rapid Pack System handles the repetitive task of loading wafers quickly and consistently. Robotics also speed the packaging of finished ice cream sandwiches from two fillers via an integrated top-loading cartoner.

Norse Dairy Systems

WCB Ice Cream fillers are designedto handle a wide variety of ice cream products- Squrounds, pints, cups, cones, squeeze-ups and more. A complete spectrum of heat seal capabilities and other tamper-evident methods are available. The RUF rotary filler in single lane and the Futura in-line filler in 2-lane are the standard solution for filling the square-round carton. WCB Ice Cream fillers are designed to easily accept change parts for different size and/or shape cartons and lids. Very robust construction and simple drive mechanism mean very low maintenance requirement and no lost production due to breakdowns. WCB Ice Cream fillers are built to the highest level of sanitary design, and they are built to operate in a dairy type environment.


Fogg Company of Holland, Mich. has introduceda new turnkey, fully-integrated filling system designed specifically for low-alcohol, dairy-based alcoholic beverages. The compact configuration, which integrates a high performance rotary rinser, filler and capping system in a safety enclosure, requires a small footprint. External controls can be programmed for specific containers, allowing the operator to change bowl, rinser and capper heights with the push of a button. Dynamic CIP technology, activated automatically or manually from the external control panel, cleans the filling bowl and valves while the bowl continues to operate. More stringent sanitation technologies, such as HEPA cleanrooms, are available.

Fogg Company

Tetra Pak Hoyer
The Hoyer Comet range fromTetra Pak Hoyer consists of two in-line machines, the Hoyer Comet N1 and Hoyer Comet C2 and one rotary model the Hoyer Comet R-C1. Except for the small Hoyer Comet R-C1 rotary model all Hoyer Comet machines are equipped with PLC control systems to provide accurate control of production parameters and easy changeover through pre-programming facilities. Quick-lock lamellas and readily mountable equipment also keep product changeover times to a minimum. Hoyer also produces two semi-automatic fillers: the Hoyer Comet CF-C1 Bulk Filler and the Hoyer Comet TEF Time Elapse Unit for filling cups.

TetraPak Hoyer

A Pure-Pak H90-UC filling machinefrom Elopak Inc. has increased flexibility and improved shelf life for Farmers Dairy in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The H90-UC fills 9,000 gable-top cartons per hour (half-gallon cross-section). Since it has two lines running independently, the dairy can run different products, with caps of different colors, at the same time. It can also run half-gallons on one line and 2-liter cartons on the other. The machine is designed for fresh milk and other non-carbonated liquid products. Ultra-clean features, include a HEPA filter, carton sterilizing, and a CIP system.

Elopak Inc.

Modern Packaging designs and manufacturesprecision packaging systems for the food, dairy, cosmetic, and drug industries. The SL series cup filling systems from Modern Packaging feature single or multiple filling capabilities, no-cup-stop or no-cup-fill options, filling speeds from 40-720 cups per minute, 2-oz to 10-lb filling capacity, no-drip cut-off nozzles, coder option (reciprocating, Ink-Jet, etc.), and CIP/SIP options. All units are 24-hour production machines that are servo or cam driven, have stainless steel construction and can either be aseptic or positive clean air pressure filling systems. The company builds a variety of systems in either straight line or rotary with custom features that best fit the customer requirements. In addition, all systems are easy to operate, maintain and fulfill all USDA and 3A dairy standards.

Modern Packaging

The TBA/22 and TBA/19 from Tetra Pak are filling machinesfor the aseptic packaging of liquid foods. With a very compact footprint allowing processors to expand capacity in existing space without having to invest in major extensions or new plants, the TBA/22 has been designed to reduce costs and raise productivity. Savings are achieved through reduced labor costs, lower utility consumption, improved space utilization and less waste on a per package basis. The TBA/22 can achieve capacities of 20,000 packages per hour. The TBA/19 can produce various package types and shapes of portion pack volumes (from 100 to 330 ml) with a capacity ranging from 6,000 to 7,500 p/h, depending on package volume.

Tetra Pak

"Printed Film 24" wrappers are high-speed machines that provideregistered print wraps at speeds to 60 wraps per minute single lane; 120 wraps per minute dual lanes. These machines are compact, and use a single roll of film (clear or print registered). The equipment is small enough to fit into any production line. No air or vacuum is required for operation.

In other company news, the ECO-BUNDLER was created to multipack different size and shape products with PLA film. Polypack has worked in collaboration with Plastic Suppliers, Inc., Earthfirst‚ PLA film, and NatureWorks LLC, NatureWorks‚ PLA, to develop a biodegradable shrink film capable to be used on the automatic ECO-BUNDLER shrink machine. Products are well protected since the shrink-wrap package is made with total closure, thus, protected from dust, water and scratches.

Polypack Inc.

A complete line of Plate Heat Exchangers is availablefrom Chester-Jensen. Frames are available in solid stainless steel or coated carbon steel. Both metal-to-metal and gasket supported plate designs available in either type 304 or 316 stainless steel and appropriate quantity and thickness of plate sized for individual duty. Custom engineering is standard with all units. Single-piece gaskets, molded from a variety of formulated elastomers are selected to best meet application requirements. All plate surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized safely and effectively by properly designed in-place recirculation systems. All units easily opened for thorough internal inspection.

Chester-Jensen Co.

B&H Labeling systems' new Marathon XL isa roll-fed labeler that features SmartDrive, an all-electronic drive train. With a servomotor-driven feed screw and container stabilization features, the Marathon XL handles containers from 8 oz. to 3 liters at speeds up to 650 containers per minute. Five independent servomotors communicate on a high-speed digital bus to precisely synchronize component operations such as label feeding, cutting, gluing and container transport. B&H guarantees labeling defect rates of less than 0.05%.

B&H Labeling
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A new bottom up filler has been addedto Gram Equipment's range of ice cream filling equipment for molded stick novelty machines. The Bottom Up Filler's distribution valve and bottom up servo-driven movement allows for the filling of low temperature ice cream directly from the ice cream freezer into the mold cup. The ice cream can be filled into the mold cup with or without particulates at a temperature of 21F. The filler is supplied directly from the continuous freezer.

Gram Equipment

New fire-safe TRIAC F91 stainless-steel flanged ball valves usea regular-port design to minimize cost and reduce operating torque, while offering rugged construction with a solid unibody and patented pyramidal stem packing. Ideal for food processing plants, the ANSI-class 150 valves comply with the NACE MRO175 standard for corrosion resistance, and are certified to API 607-4th edition. The live-loaded pyramidal stem packing system features a patented 45° primary seal with Belleville washers and chevron packing, protecting against wear and stem leaks common with ordinary ball valves. A patented automation pad allows direct mounting of ISO5211-compliant actuators to eliminate the cost and fabrication of special couplings or brackets. F91 valves are available in sizes 0.5" to 6.0" in manual and automated versions, with electric or pneumatic actuators, spring-return or double-acting configuration. F91 valves come standard with an anti-static device and can be specified as traceable. Valves can be ordered preassembled with actuator for installation ease.

A-T Controls