The latest products from industry suppliers.

Sidel’s new Rollquattro Evolution labeler offers 30% faster changeover times and 20% more accuracy at high speeds, the company claims. It features a fully redesigned linear labeling station. Alfa Rollquattro roll-fed labelers apply wrap-around labels in paper or plastic at speeds up to 72,000 containers/hour onto glass, plastic or metal containers with superior quality while helping to lower production costs.

Sidel Inc.


The new APV 110T Homogenizer combines good looks with innovative technology, delivering powerful performance and making life easier for service and maintenance crews and operators alike.  The APV 110T Homogenizer for dairy, food, cosmetic, chemical, pharma, is available in two versions – a Rannie series with three-piece valve housing and a Gaulin series with mono-block valve housing.  Both series offer capacities ranging from 660 gph to a huge 5544 gph. The new modular design makes the APV 110T suitable for a wide range of applications and valve types. Homogenizing valves can easily be changed to accommodate different products and/or capacities on the same homogenizer.

APV Invensys


Alfa Laval’s series of Solid C centrifugal pumps for standard sanitary duties are intended for use in non-critical, less demanding applications.  The robustness of this arrangement allows pumps to be stilt-mounted, eliminating a need for baseplates, simplifying clean-in-place activities, and improving sanitary conditions.

The pump range consists of four pumps with the following performance data:

  • inlet pressure: 50 psi

  • capacity: 400 gpm

  • head: 400 ft

  • temperature: up to 250

    Deville Technologies Inc. now offers touch   screen controls on its FS-40 automatic cheese shredder. The technology makes operating and servicing the FS-40 easy. The user-friendly graphical interface uses a simple graphic representation of the equipment and allows immediate visual feedback for each process of the machine in real-time.

    Deville Technologies Inc.


    Dyco’s palletizing systems have been integrated with KUKA robotics to provide increased flexibility to simultaneously palletize multiple lines with different product packages, while retaining the adaptability to program for future products and packages. The KUKA palletizing robot is provided with PalletTech software, providing total palletizing control from a single operator’s screen.



    The Pure-Pak U-S80A is a flexible, high-speed machine for aseptically filling products in Pure-Pak Classic and Curve cartons. It can fill three sizes at the same time, (e.g., quarts, pints) at speeds up to 8,100 cartons per hour. The system uses a combination of UV light and hydrogen peroxide to achieve sterility with minimal hydrogen peroxide consumption. The double diaphragm filler is highly accurate, even with products containing soft fruit pulp.

    Elopak Inc.


    Graham Engineering Corporation, the York, Penn.-based manufacturer of extrusion blow molding equipment, has introduced its new MINI Wheel, a compact system based on its popular Wheel blow molding systems for high production environments, a technology it has been providing since the 1960’s. The MINI Wheel is small enough to ship in a standard freight container. Like all Graham Wheels, it combines continuous, rotary motion, upward extrusion, and bottom takeout. Graham developed the MINI Wheel specifically to produce co-extruded plastic containers. It is significantly more energy efficient than shuttle machines, offers the advantages of all-electric drive technology yet employs simple mechanical timing mechanisms and a high speed parison programmer.

    Graham Engineering


    The TS6 plate heat exchanger offers an improved approach to heating water with steam for hot water sets, CIP, COP or cleaning solutions.  It’s the ideal upgrade from shell and tube technology. TS6 advantages over conventional methods are flexibility, small footprint, quick response time, and expandability/serviceability. The small footprint can reduce hot water set package size by over 50% reducing costs and saving valuable plant floor space. 

    Flow Products

    The Fogg F6.2 is the latest version of the F6.1 model. This filler has been loaded with upgrades, including improved bottle registration and a sloped base for improved drainage. The feedscrew is directly clutched to protect the machine from damage. It has OSHA-compliant guarding to prevent underneath access to rotating parts. The number of critical (wear) parts has also been reduced, which makes the model easier to service.  



    Fristam’s FKL positive displacement pump series handles operating pressures to 300 psi and viscosities to 1 million cps. Its durable shaft is up to 25% thicker than competitive shafts and its overhung load is minimized for longer life and efficiency. Additionally, the FKL is CIP-able with no performance loss, and its oil bath gearbox can operate 4,000 hours between oil change-out.

    Fristam Pumps USA


    Cheese processors requiring automated vacuum pouch sealing can now take advantage of Multivac’s B400 belted chamber system. The B400 features Multivac’s hygienic design with vacuum ports built into the lid and retractable side skirts for easy cleaning.  The height-adjustable seal bars are water cooled and bi-active, making the system ideal for shrink bag applications. 

    Stacked Busch vacuum pumps and a built-in Busch booster pump assure quick air  evacuation. Equipped with Multivac’s advanced MC96 II controller, the B400 also offers special vacuum programming to suit the packaging requirements for wet products or cheeses with holes.  Other features include an internal trim waste removal system with trim cart and an optional ribbed conveyor for rounded products.  The B400 comes pre-wired for optional integration with downstream shrink tunnels.



    OK International offers its new Superfiller SR2 and SR4. These fillers are high speed, high accuracy digital fillers and weighers for bulk semi liquid oils and fats, such as shortening and margarine. All are equipped with Allen-Bradley controls. Non-drip nozzles permit cleaner, accurate filling without moving parts above the product.

    OK International


    The Tetra Plex line of heat exchangers from Tetra Pak are specifically designed to pasteurize, heat, and cool, liquid foods. The Tetra Plex C15 was recently introduced as the largest hygienic plate heat exchanger on the market. All Tetra Plex units offer many features that will optimize production, improve reliability, and reduce maintenance costs, such as glueless gaskets, high pressure frames, and improved heat transfer efficiencies.

    Tetra Pak Inc.


    Südmo has introduced a PMO Tank Outlet Mix Proof Valve that eliminates the need for disconnects on the tank outlet and gives you the ability to clean the fill/empty line with product in the tank.  This revolutionary new valve can be fitted to existing tanks with low inlet/outlet connections. The tangential design means that it can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position and is fully drainable.  Südmo’s PMO mix proof valves offer many proven advantages including leak free changeover, a one-piece machined body, maintenance-free actuator, and the latest control technology.

    Südmo North America


    TOP-FLO TF-C Series Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps represents the finest in sanitary process equipment. Designed to offer efficient transfer of product over a wide range of head and viscosity conditions. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, easy to install & operate and feature the following: Type 316L stainless steel on all wetted parts. Backward curved stainless steel impellers for even flow and easy cleaning. Sanitary seals are externally balanced single or double. Designs suitable for all clean-in-place (CIP) applications which enables easy self-cleaning with no dismantling or take-down. Finely polished casings. Complete factory testing before shipment. All pumps are 3A approved.

    Top line Process Equipment Company


    Waukesha Cherry-Burrell’s shear pump offers a choice of interchangeable stators and rotors that make it extremely versatile by allowing the ability to texturize, emulsify, blend, reconstitute, suspend, disperse or polish a variety of food products. Variable speed drives may also be used to further adjust the shear and mixing affects. WCB’s colloid mill has shearing and mixing forces that produce controlled, highly sheared, uniform dispersions and stable emulsions. A range of product viscosity may be processed. Higher viscosity products are processed at lower flow rates to stay within the pressure limit. Typical applications include salad dressing, mayonnaise, and liquid egg homogenization.

    Waukesha Cherry-Burrell


    The APV Flex-Mix Liquiverter is a cost-effective, self-contained unit, designed for flexibility. The technology design can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements for a particular duty.  In addition, if market demand changes, the APV Flex-Mix Liquiverter can be adapted for use with a different range of products. The new liquiverter is faster, more powerful and more efficient than ever.


    Tuchenhagen Announces Valve Tech Innovation

    Tuchenhagen Flow Components, Portland, Maine, recently introduced what it says is the first PMO Mixproof valve to allow 24/7 non-stop production in U.S. dairy plants.

    Generally, PMO regulations do not allow the cleaning of a mixproof valve seat while product is present in one housing of the valve. Plant production must stop for cleaning of the valve seats. Due to a patented design, the PMO seat cleaning restriction has been lifted by FDA for Tuchenhagen’s new generation 24/7 PMO Valve.

    “This is a huge breakthrough for the dairy industry, which will allow significant productivity increases and cost reductions for dairy facilities all over the United States,” said David Medlar, pres. of the company.

    The Tuchenhagen 24/7 PMO Mixproof valves allow vessels to be filled, vessels to be emptied and vessels and lines to be cleaned simultaneously, so that it is no longer necessary to shut down any production to CIP in any area of the plant, Tuchenhagen says.

    For more information about this product contact Tuchenhagen Flow Components at 207/797-9500  ext. 192.

    Or, visit to register for a free Nov. 28 webinar on this new technology.