SPI Polyols, Inc is a division of Associated British Foods, and international food, ingredient and retail group with annual sales of $7B and 35,000 employees. Headquartered in New Castle, DE, SPI is the largest producer of polyols in the Americas and a global supplier of polyols and specialty carbohydrates to the confectionery, food, oral care, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. In addition to our core products, we manufacture specialty products and value added systems. We have been expanding our Maltisweet™ Maltitol Solution product line to assist formulators in converting form sugar to sugar free and low net carb formulations. Our market know-how and advanced applications technology allow us to provide customer-tailored solutions to your formulation challenges.

Over the last two decades, the U.S. and other developed nations around the world have experienced a phenomenon that is difficult to comprehend. Since 1980, the rate of obesity in the U.S. has doubled and the rate of diabetes has nearly tripled. With these significant health issues looming as well as the recent media attention focused on determining a cause, the food industry armed with new and innovative food ingredients, including various specialty polyols, is poised to be part of the solution. Sugar-Free, Low Net Carbohydrate and Reduced Calorie products are now regularly purchased by consumers as part of a lifestyle change to address these health related issues.

Developed specifically for the dairy market, Maltisweet™ IC is a liquid polyol that can be used to replace sucrose. It is a cost effective alternative to using a high intensity sweetener with a bulking system and it will provide a more natural, sweet-tasting profile. Maltisweet IC is the solution for making your ice cream dreams a reality.

For more information visit our web site at www.spipolyols.com or contact us directly at 800/789-9755, ext 8600.

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