Machine featured, model 790 Semi Automatic Filler with fully automatic lidder.
Tindall Packaging Inc., founded in 1971 by Frank Tindall, began as a service/consultant company, and was hired by different ice cream plants that were on the brink of bankruptcy to be streamlined and become a profitable operation.

Frank Tindall was asked by several different production managers to automate their bulk can production. This led to the birth of the Tindall Model 135 Bulk Can Filler in 1974. From there to the present, Tindall Packaging has developed several different fillers for the ice cream industry, also venturing into the cultured and deli filling equipment.

Tindall Packaging has also ventured into other areas, such as designing and installing marble drop equipment for the spray paint industry to designing and building equipment for the bait industry with the unique worm packaging system.

Tindall Packaging Inc. is still a small family run corporation run by Frank and Marianne Tindall, son Dave, with the latest addition being their son, Pete, age 13.

Tindall Packaging Inc. has always strived to design and build simple, low maintenance, cost saving equipment to meet the individual plants needs. Their fillers range from the 890 Semi Automatic Filler to be run with batch freezers to the fully automatic fillers used with continuous freezers such as the models 135 three gallon bulk can filler, 136 one to three gallon bulk filler, 294 4/5 quart pail filler, 814 pint,815 quart, 816 half gallon round plastic or paper fillers, 817 non round filler, 460 non round higher speed filler, 772 6oz. to10 pound filler for pumpable cultered or deli products, 317 ice cream or cream cheese cake filler, etc. Whatever your needs might be, Tindall Packaging Inc. can supply the industry with fully automated equipment. Tindall Packaging has fillers for round, non round, paper, plastic, square, bag filling equipment and bulk containers.

Tindall Packaging
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