The new Diamond Curve Pure-Pak® carton from Elopak makes the traditional gable-top carton even more appealing and consumer-friendly. It offers the visual impact of the Pure-Pak® Curve plus a unique top with a larger cap that makes drinking and pouring easier.

The new Diamond Curve Pure-Pak® carton from Elopak makesthe traditional gable-top carton even more appealing and consumer-friendly. It offers the visual impact of the Pure-Pak® Curve plus a unique top with a larger cap that makes drinking and pouring easier. The package is ideal for milk, yogurt, juice with pulp, and more. The Diamond Curve meets the needs of today's on-the-go lifestyles. It is available in all standard sizes, from mini half-pints to half-gallons, with the larger cartons offering extended shelf life. Consumer research in Europe shows that people associate it with a premium product. Elopak, Inc. is the North American business unit of the Elopak Group, a leading global supplier of packaging systems for non-carbonated liquid food products. Best known for its Pure-Pak® gable-top cartons and fillers, Elopak also supplies caps, portion pack fillers, and materials handling equipment.

Elopak Inc.

Seal-It, Inc introduces Plastic Suppliers Earthfirst® PLA film, to its existing group of shrink films, PVC, PETG & OPS. This new film made from corn, is not petroleum based and is environmentally friendly and compostable. It is heat shrinkable and suitable for any shrink sleeve or tamper evident project. PLA is a great addition to the company's family of films. Each film has its own special characteristics, which lends itself to specific projects. PLA has many of the same properties as other films including excellent machineability, clarity, printability (can be printed to 10 colors in rotogravure or modified flexographic), and shrinkage (up to 75%).

Seal-It Inc.

Specialized in injected plastic packaging, North America IML Containers is a North American major actor in the plastic packaging market mainly for the ice cream,

butter and cheese industries. Subsidiary of the Lacroix Group with 18 plants around the world, with over 20 years experience, the company has succeeded in becoming a specialist in custom-shaped packaging with in mold labelling (I.M.L.) decoration process. The company will expand its operations by opening a new plant in LeMars, Iowa in June this year. With its research center, North America IML can help customers to define a shape, type of support for the label (clear, glossy, metallized), tamper evident closure, clear frozen grade resin.

North America IML Containers, Inc.

Bland milk cartons, Moove over!School Food Service Directors all over the country have the same dilemma, providing students with good nutrition and appealing choices, while minimizing costs. The solution? DairyPak, a division of Blue Ridge Paper Products, is leading the class as an innovator in profitable school milk programs by taking cartons to the Xtreme! Recent studies prove that enhanced gable top packaging, great flavors, and simple marketing can increase milk sales up to 47% while also increasing meal line participation. Xtreme multi-color cartons offer visual appeal, nutritional retention, and are environmentally friendly. Xtremely Cool!

Blue Ridge Paper Products Inc.

Tetra Pak® and the School Nutrition Association (SNA) have launchedthe SmartCarton® Panel Program for school milk. Through the program, both Tetra Pak and SNA will be able to reach out to children and teach them the importance of good nutrition through fun educational activities. The program, which is tailored for kids grades K-6, features activities, brainteasers and riddles on the side-panels of gable-top school milk cartons. Students can visit to check their answers to the quizzes, which are designated to teach students about nutrition and wellness. The SmartCarton Panel Program is designed to tie in with the law recently passed by Congress, which requires each school district participating in the National School Lunch or Breakfast Program to establish a local wellness policy by the beginning of the 2006-2007 school year. The wellness policy requires that students receive consistent nutrition messages throughout the entire school curriculum.

Tetra Pak

IPL Packaging offers a complete line of retail and food service tamper-evident packaging.These containers feature In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology, which allows images to be designed into a label, creating a striking, high-quality graphic look that commands attention. Offering full photographic quality and superior image resolution (up to 175 LPI), IML presents great advantages to companies who want their products to stand out on the shelf. With top-to-bottom graphic coverage, IML features full shading capabilities and a wide selection of typefaces. Packages are ideal for butter spreads, grated and specialty cheeses, various dairy based dips and cheese spread products. Square and rectangular retail product line allows efficient utilization of cubic space. All containers feature IPL's reliable and efficient built-in tamper-evident safety system.

IPL Packaging

Portola Packaging Inc. has launchedits third in a series of tamper-evident closures for use in the ESL/Aseptic markets. The DBJ-X is a lightweight, single lead, screw-on closure with a foil liner. Like its predecessors (the DBJ and DBJ-L) the DBJ-X features Portola's patented tamper-evident J- band technology. The DBJ-X is designed to withstand the complex sterilization processing needs of aseptic packaging. Although initially launched for the ESL market, the DBJ-X is suitable for a wide range of non-carbonated beverage applications. The DBJ-X is available in a dozen colors. For more information contact Beth Cozza.

Portola Packaging

Atlanta-based MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems offersthe new FlexiTech™ paperboard packaging system for pouches. The system is comprised of a state-of-the art packaging machine and an innovative carton that allows dairy manufacturers to multi-pack their pouch products, such as yogurt and pudding snacks, in a more cost-effective, consumer-friendly carton. The FlexiTech carton features I-beam internal support construction that allows the package to replace bulky corrugated boxes while still maintaining the compression strength needed to protect the flexible primary container. The FlexiTech packaging machine, which runs the carton, was developed for high-speed.

MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems

International Dispensing Corp., Hanover Md., which specializes inpackaging and dispensing solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries, has introduced the Fresh Flow™ Tap.

For the first time, liquid product can be dispensed from a flexible bag or pouch without bacteria or oxygen entering the package. Because the contents are never exposed throughout the product's entire use-life, product remains shelf stable. And through use of the tamper-proof closure and air-tight seal, product safety is significantly enhanced. Beverages, flowable foods, and pharmaceutical products can now be packaged and safely dispensed from flexible packages without breaking sterility. Applications include restaurants, foodservice institutions, cruise ships, and hospitals.

International Dispensing Corp.

H.S. Crocker Co. has developedseveral new non-foil lidding structures to seal various portions size containers and polymers. For years, customers have asked for a pre- die-cut lid other than foil. Metal detection, microwaveable, tear and puncture resistance are just a few of the advantages associated with these new materials. The company also produces paper and poly labels with and without over laminates and adhesives in roll-to-roll and single cut, heat-seal blister packs, in-mold labels, shrink film and various specialty printed projects for a wide range of applications. Printing is done on 9-color Flexographic presses from 13" - 32" with front and back print capabilities. H.S. Crocker can now offer portion cups (thermoformed and injection molded) in a wide variety of sizes and designs.

H.S. Crocker