Westfalia Technologies introduces Dairy Case Palletizing, completing the product line of dairy case handling equipment offered under its Deam Systems division. Capable of handling both plastic and wood pallets, the system palletizes two full pallets per minute with each pallet holding nine stacks of dairy cases stacked six high for a total of 54 cases per pallet.  Constructed of all stainless-steel materials, it is ideally suited for the washdown environments found in the dairy and beverage industries.
Westfalia Technologies Inc.

A-B-C Packaging’s palletizer is designed for stacking cases filled with cheese for warehouse and grocery distribution. The palletizer features a counterweighted, stainless-steel transfer table for smooth transfer of bulky cases, heavy gauge steel frame for maximum durability and low-level construction that gives dairy processors the convenience and economy of floor-level operation. A novel automatic grouping module allows layer transfer during product accumulation, effectively staging and stacking up to four layers per minute.
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.

Integrated Packaging Machinery is where systems and technology meet. Its experienced team of certified robotic engineers can “integrate” a high-tech robotic palletizing cell into any operation, while handling all aspects of the installation. The engineers understand the need for sanitation and quick installation windows of the dairy industry to provide minimal downtime and maximum uptime for any operation, thus enabling its clients to focus on production and quality.
Integrated Packaging Machinery

Sidel’s complete line of conveyors includes container, crate, pack-and-case and pallet tabletop and air conveying systems, designed to handle even the most demanding containers, such as fragile empty PET bottles. For example, the AQ-Max low-pressure active accumulation system provides uninterrupted line operation in a small space to guarantee top production efficiency. Sidel also has palletizers for all packing types (crates, packs, trays, etc.), packaging (plastic, glass, cans, etc.) and output levels. Sidel’s engineering services group can propose customized solutions and services adapted to specific products and layouts for conveying and end-of-line operations.
Sidel Inc.

Dyco’s robotics-enhanced palletizing systems have been proven to provide increased flexibility to palletize multiple lines with different product packages while retaining the ability to program for future products and packages. In fact, they can be preprogrammed to palletize up to four lines simultaneously. Dyco’s systems provide the best incentive to eliminate manual palletizing operations, with their inherent inefficiency and repetitive lifting risks. Dyco’s standard end-of-arm tooling stacks different packages, including corrugated cases and shrink wrapped spot-and-tray packs, without a changeover. Dyco also offers advanced systems that pack, anneal, de-bag, accumulate and convey empty HDPE bottles.
Dyco Inc.