Processing and packaging is what dairy processors do, and for most dairy products the second par to the equation is done with filling equipment. Whether it's a gravity fed bottle rotary filler for gallon jugs of milk, a volumetric ice cream filler or an in-line cup filler for yogurt, the filler is the integral packaging component in most dairy lines.

Fillers have become faster, more precise, and more hygienic over the years. The latest models offer sophisticated integrated controls and engineering that enables ease of maintenance and changeover.

The Volumeter 8000 flow meter filling line from Sidel features a complete range of machines from 12 to 65 heads depending on the output required. The basic machine can be equipped with ultra-clean or aseptic capabilities. Filling is done with electro-pneumatic or electromagnetic controls (for aseptic filling). Three types of closures are offered aluminum heat sealed, cap screw or cap push-on lid. The filling environment is a central component in the new classification system for Sidel fillers. The particular environment depends on the sensitivity of the liquid to microorganisms and the desired shelf life of the product. Thus, four families have been created : classic, Select, Ultra, Aseptic.


The Hoyer Comet range from Tetra Pak Hoyer consists of two in-line machines, the Hoyer Comet N1 and Hoyer Comet C2 and one rotary model the Hoyer Comet R-C1. Except for the small Hoyer Comet R-C1 rotary model all Hoyer Comet machines are equipped with PLC control systems to provide accurate control of production parameters and easy changeover through pre-programming facilities. Quick-lock lamellas and readily mountable equipment also keep product changeover times to a minimum. Hoyer also produces two semi-automatic fillers the Hoyer Comet CF-C1 Bulk Filler and the Hoyer Comet TEF Time Elapse Unit for filling cups.

TetraPak Hoyer

Autoprod Inc.
Capable of speeds up to 7,200 containers per hour theRO-A7 from Autoprodfills and seals viscous, semi-viscous, dry and liquid products for the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household products industry. An optional servo-driven, micro-processor controlled filling system enables more precise filling which results in less product waste along with more accurate and consistent fill weights. Lidding systems include rollstock or pre-cut lids and optional pick and place or wipe on overcapping is available. A touch screen operator interface makes running the machine easy by using a logical menu-driven system. All operations of the filling and closing system including maintenance, production, CIP and machine diagnostics can be initiated from the control panel.

Autoprod Inc.

Norse Model 1099
Norse Dairy Systems flexible ice cream sandwich filling machine lineincludes Model 1099 and Model 2001 filling machines. Both are easily operated by touch screen controls and have been designed for quick and easy Changeover from one wafer size to another. These machines will run registered wrap in both paper and poly film, so you wrap your product in a high quality, eye catching package. Like all Norse equipment, these machines offer efficient product and packaging changeovers, and valves meet 3A standards. An adjustable index wheel on the 1099 accommodates a variety of wafer sizes and upgraded timing belts provide smoother quieter operation. The machines run at speeds of up to 9,000 pieces per hour.

Norse Dairy Systems

Evergreen Packaging
Evergreen Packaging Equipment's new BFAH-30 (Advanced Hygiene)bottle filler was introduced at the Worldwide Food Expo in October. The BFAH-30 bottle filler includes several new features such as a belt drive, externally demountable fill valves, auto sanitize, HEPA, enclosures, and an optional automated CIP system. Filling up to 100 gallons, 150 half-gallons, and 180 quarts/pints/half-pints per minute, this machine offers the processor high filling efficiency in a safe and secure environment. The BFAH-30 maintains product quality through advanced hygiene features of easy-to-change 0.3 micron HEPA filters and full machine enclosures, which create a clean room environment in the fill section. The auto sanitize feature protects against contamination by periodically spraying sanitizing solution on critical product contact surfaces. To maintain proper product levels in the fill bowl, this machine uses an electronic level controller. An auto speed adjustment works with the level control system to slow machine speed as the product level is reduced, ensuring proper fill level in bottles. PLC controls with a touch screen panel automate all internal machine functions for easier operation and process monitoring. Quick-change starwheels and an optional fill bowl height adjustment make changing bottle sizes fast and easy. The simple, clean operating belt drive system is low maintenance and requires minimal lubrication. An optional advanced CIP system allows all product contact surfaces in the fill and capping section to be cleaned without opening the machine enclosures. All BF Series' CIP systems offer better mechanical cleaning of the complete fill nozzle, and setup can take as little as five minutes.

Evergreen Packaging Equipment

Fogg Filler Co.
Fogg Filler's Fill Pro 8000 Seriesof rotary filling systems combines the newest filling and handling technology with legendary Fogg performance. Ideal for high volume filling, the Fill Pro Series features Acculift™ proprietary container transfer technology, integrated safety guards and state-of-the-art controls. Available in a wide range of capacities, from single serve to 5 liter containers, Fogg's newest Fill Pro 8000 provides accurate, flexible performance in cold or hot fill applications. Fill Pro 8000 features an oversized 2-to-1, filler-to-capper transfer ratio for smoother container handling. The lube-free non-metallic gear drive is warranted for 2 years. Fast changeovers are achieved with tool-less change parts and segmented starwheels. Bottle feed is controlled by an adjustable timing screw requiring very little maintenance. The filling bowl and capping turret are raised and lowered electrically, with optional preset heights for fast changeover. All operations are performed from the interface panel, including product supply, CIP activation, and fault condition indication and reset. The Fill Pro Series integrated safety guard can be upgraded to accept HEPA filtration to provide laminar airflow for Extended Shelf Life requirements. An optional CIP trough supports fast product changeover by draining the bowl and valves while the bowl continues to rotate. The system, which is activated from the touch screen control panel, eliminates cumbersome CIP rings. Options available on the Fill Pro 8000 are CIP trough, all metal valves, HEPA systems, steam cap sterilization, Sanibar spray systems with automatic rinse cycle, product agitation, automatic height adjustment and twin servo driven infeed screws.

Fogg Filler Co.

A new line of multi-lane inline equipment from Stork Food & Dairy Systems Inc. USA can be used to fill in both ultra-clean and Aseptic processes. The machine can receive products from one of many different Stork UHT processors. Because it is multi-lane, it may be used to fill more than one type or flavor of product simultaneously. Production rates will vary, depending on the number of lanes, the size of the container and the viscosity of the product. Fill time is the major limit on cycle time, but the bottles can be filled in multiple stages to shorten the cycle time.

Stork Food & Dairy Systems Inc.

High Speed Straight Line (SL) series cup filling systems from Modern Packaging features single or multiple filling capabilities, no-cup-stop or no-cup-fill options, filling speeds from 40-720 cups per minute, 2 oz 10 lb filling capacity, no-drip cut-off nozzles, coder option (reciprocating, Ink-Jet etc.), and CIP/SIP options. Modern Packaging designs and manufactures precision packaging systems for the food, dairy, cosmetic and drug industries. All units are 24 hour production machines that are servo or cam driven, have stainless steel construction and can be either aseptic or positive clean air pressure filling systems. The company builds a variety of systems in either straight line or rotary with custom features that best fit the customer requirements. In addition, all systems are easy to operate, maintain and fulfill all USDA and 3A dairy standards.

Modern Packaging

Osgood Single Lane indexing machines are designed for filling and closing of _ gal round/rectangular tapered or straight-walled ice cream containers with recessed or flat bottoms. Servomotor driven mechanism lifts the container to the extrusion filler nozzle with operator set-point adjustments for highly accurate fill volumes of each flavor. Machines come complete with a lid unscrambler and a lid detection/rejection device for up-side-down lids. Options include: roll stock heat seal, revolving variegate, and Neapolitan flavors. Osgood Industries, Inc. specializes in packaging machinery and can build machinery to fill all preformed containers with any product. The company has many standard machine models, which can all be configured to meet individual filling needs.

Osgood Industries, Inc.

Van Meurs
A new line of aseptic/sterile bag-in-box filling machines is available from Van Meurs.The machines are designed for both high and low acid ESL with very large production capacities. The machines can be configured with single or multiple filling heads, and offer the easiest and quickest change-over times. The other major advantages are the ability to use all brands of bags, and all closure types. These machines utilize a plc controller that provides low maintenance, reliable smooth operation and filling capacities in excess of 1,427 gals per hour.

Van Meurs

TD Sawvel
TD Sawvel designed reliability and flexibility into its newModel 111R compact rotary filler. The 111R denests, fills, seals and lids containers sized from 3 to 32 ounces at speeds to 70 containers per minute. The 24" square main frame assembly houses a Camco® precision indexer with variable speed ac inverter drive and features mechanical operation for the container "discharge-lift" and "sweep-off" assuring smooth reliable performance at all speeds. Easily convert the filler form one size container to another with change parts for paper or plastic packaging. Choice of fill systems--time fill, volumetric piston fill or volumetric dry ingredient fill--allow the Model 111R to handle a wide range of filling applications including: ice cream, whipped butter, cottage cheese, salads or small hard candies. Typical options include tamper evident mylar or foil sealing, change parts for different cup sizes, lift elevator and cup spinner at fill station, multi-flavor fill systems, wet or dry ingredient feeders for top dressing. T.D. Sawvel Co., Inc. has been building quality automated packaging equipment since 1976, and has the expertise to easily customize products to fit their customer's exact needs.

T.D. Sawvel company Inc.

Elopak, Inc.
Rotary and in-line cup fillersfor yogurt, cheese, pudding, sauces, deli salads, and many other products are offered by Elopak, Inc. These systems fill a variety of cup sizes and shapes, and in a wide range of speeds. All are known for fill accuracy and high efficiency, regardless of product viscosity. Ultra-clean models are available.

Elopak, Inc.

Model 817 is the newest addition to the Tindall Packaging line. The new model is designed for non-round half gal containers. It runs at speed up to 1,800 containers per hour, it's air operated, and features all stainless steel construction. The filler is mounted on wheels and offers continuous fill and speed synchronization to freezer. It also features a positive container denester and automatic lidding system, and accurate volumetric fill with no stopping of product. This machine is simple to operate and no preventative maintenance is required. Optional equipment includes a three-flavor divided filling nozzle, one-or two- flavor variegators, and a flip rotator to turn over every other container.

Tindall Packaging
www.tindallpackaging .com

The Model SH7/64S32 rotary filler from Federal Manufacturing features 64-valves with 32 pocket starwheels and is designed to fill plastic and glass bottles with a maximum diameter of 3.0" (76 mm) at speeds to 800 bpm. Federal builds this model with and without a capping turret. Other models are available for larger containers. Special features include EXT demountable valve flanges, electronic level control system, filler driven in-feed conveyor, automated lubrication system, automated cleaning and sanitizing system, and Control +Plus with touch screen operator interface. Also, Federal's Model GWSS6/26.8 #6 Series is a long-time favorite for fast, dependable and accurate filling of plastic gallons and half-gallons. An important feature is the exceptionally smooth movement of bottles operating at speeds up to 90 gpm for foaming products and 140 gpm for water.

Federal Manufacturing Co.