Delkor Systems
The Tray-Pak® systemfrom Delkor Package Systems provides a shipping crate that converts to a three-sided shelf-ready display rack without requiring any extensive cutting of the corrugated material. The system consists of two small trays bundled together with a top pad and film. It provides the stability and stackability of a shipper, but with less bulk. And when the two halves are separated, it can be used as a shelf display. In one yogurt application, Delkor's proprietary machinery automatically forms the trays and loads the containers. It then places the top pad and finishes with film encapsulation. The trays are sized to fit the bottom taper of the yogurt cups so that the completed dimension of the shipper is the same as the lid-to-lid dimension of the yogurt cups. The company says it can increase pallet density by about 8% resulting in lower distribution costs. The Tray Pak packaging system equipment is offered in the Model 140, 180 and 480 versions. It includes an integrated Delkor tray former with the loader along with the Model 112 stainless steel wrapper.

Delkor Systems

IPL Products
IPL Products Ltd., a leader in returnable plastic container innovation, offers its full line ofSmartCrate™ hand-held, collapsible plastic containers.SmartCrates are returnable, collapsible containers ideal for moving perishable groceries and other products to retail as well as plant-to-plant transfers of work-in-process materials. IPL's SmartCrate series offers innovations and design features originally developed for the produce industry. These collapsible crates offer an intuitive 2-step assembly, high cube utilization, and a high return ratio, dramatically reducing handling, freight and storage costs when compared to other returnable plastic containers. Additionally, the SmartCrate are 48"x40" GMA pallet compatible and cross-stackable, and they offer increased stacking strength and durability. The SmartCrate's significant advantages over traditional nestable containers extend economic viability of returnable containers into new areas such as produce, case-ready meat, and other commodities shipped to retail, as well as long distance work-in-progress shipments.

IPL Products Ltd.