Multi-pack packaging has become more and more important.

Editor’s Note: Multi-pack packaging has become more and more important. Offering milk, yogurt, ice cream and cheese products such as cream cheese in bundles of three, six, 12 or more to retailers and to end users is something more and more dairies need to do to stay competitive. Packaging manufacturers know this, and are offering a greater variety of multi-pack options to the dairy industry. In Mt. Crawford, Va., Morningstar Foods packs its Hershey Flavored Milks and Shakes in 6 packs and 12 packs allowing for easy palletization with minimal secondary packaging material. In Dannon’s West Jordan Utah plant, the same technology (the Delkor Spot-Pak®) is used for much the same reasons for cup yogurt. As in other industries, dairy manufacturers are seeking and finding solutions that provide attractive packaging that palletizes easily and utilizes the least amount of material possible.

Spot-Pak® is a cutting edge packaging solutionfrom Delkor Systems Inc., Circle Pines Minn., for use with single-serve milk and other dairy products. Spot Pak is a unique and patented packaging method utilizing flat pads combined with a light temporary adhesive bond between the pad and the containers, followed by film encapsulation. Immediately upon loading the containers onto the flat base pad, the light temporary bond locks the containers in place, and the age-old problem of stabilizing containers on a flat base pad is eliminated, even with traditionally unstable containers. The solution works well for contoured single-serve milk packages, and other applications.

Models 400 and 250 are designed specifically for single-serve milk, but have other applications. Coupled with Delkor’s single roll continuous motion print registered film wrapper, the Model 400 becomes an effective multipacker for retail and club store packages. With the option of running multi-packs or regular bundled product in natural film, the Model 400 eliminates the need for costly outsourcing of specialty packages.

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The Schneider TP-35 Tray Packer for aseptic cartons is capable of running 200ml to 1.5-liter aseptic cartons at up to 25 trays per minute. Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Brewerton, NY also has a new sleeve packer for cartons of frozen dessert and ice cream novelties. It is capable of running up to six sleeves per minute or up to 100 cartons per minute. Most recently the company MP-20 Multi-Packer/Bundler.

The MP-20 will take single product such as aseptic cartons or other product and collate them into a bundle, insert a "J" or "U" card if required, and shrink wrap into a bundle using either PE, PVC, or registered films. Single product is transferred onto the multipacker feed conveyor and divided into balanced lanes. Depending on J-card or registered film selection, the appropriate motions will automatically take place. If registered film is selected, the J-card function will automatically be disabled. Motions are selectable through touchscreen operation.

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Ivarson Inc.
Ivarson and Benhil are introducingto the North American market the Multipack 5000, a filling and wrapping machine for pasty products such as butter, margarine or cream cheese. With speeds up to 135 packets/minute, the Multipack 5000 represents an increase in speed of up to 50% over the popular and reliable 8345 model. The new model is built with a modular design for easy conversion and upgrades ability, and has a dosing range of 60-500g (2-18oz). Available with full CIP capability for product feed and dosing systems, and also available in several different product feed options the machines meet several application requirements.

For more than 35 years, Ivarson Inc. has served the food processing and packaging industry.

With the use of advanced technology each piece of equipment manufactured under the Ivarson name is engineered to exact specifications. According to Ivarson, each machine is carefully assembled ensuring you a quality product. Turnkey installations give Ivarson the experience for continuous improvement and development of equipment, benefiting existing as well as future customers, the company says. Custom-engineered machines are available to meet exact specifications.

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