In the week before Easter, cooking with dairy products is a theme in this week's free-standing inserts. Saputo, Unilever, Sargento and Kraft show the way.

2013-03-24-FSI-02-Saputo-Frigo.jpgSaputo promotes its cheese brands as ingredients in unforgettable family meals in this week's free-standing inserts. "Memorable family meals start with fresh Frigo Cheese" is the headline over a photo showing mozzarella, ricotta and Parmesan. Readers can scan a QR code with a smart phone or go online for lasagna and cheesecake recipes. The FSI includes the Facebook icon.

Saputo's Treasure Cave crumbled blue cheese is the secret ingredient in an Easter Caesar salad, according to a headline. Readers can find the recipe by scanning a QR code or going online. The product is available "in your grocer's dairy aisle or deli section."

Two Unilever brands call for dairy foods in dip recipes. An onion dip recipe needs sour cream and a package of Lipton Recipe Secrets. Lipton directs readers online "for more game day recipes." Knorr offers a spinach and Greek yogurt dip recipe calling for one cup of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt.

Sargento promotes its Ultra Thin cheese line featuring sharp Cheddar and new Pepper Jack. The FSI directs readers to the company website and Facebook page.

In other activity:

  • Smart Balance shows an array of its heart-healthy foods (including fat-free milk with omega-3s and butter blended with canola oil) under the headline "Better cooking & baking for your Easter basket."
  • General Mills' Yoplait compares a 90-calorie cup of its light yogurt to a 210-calorie cookie, and asks in a headline "What's your swapportunity?" In a separate FSI, Yoplait promotes new flavors in its Greek 100 line.
  • Mountain High promotes the protein content and value of its conventional yogurt.
  • Kraft's Velveeta brand features its Cheesy Potatoes kit.