Cultured dairy foods, ice cream and macaroni and cheese are featured in the free-standing inserts for the week beginning Sept. 9, 2012. Marketers also promote nutritional supplements made with dairy ingredients.

09-09-Deans-SourCream.pngDean's sour cream is all-natural

Dean Foods, the nation's largest dairy processor, introduces an all-natural sour cream, promoted with the phrases "100% natural ingredients," "no preservatives or added hormones" and "fresh, produced locally."

Yoplait's 100 calorie Greek yogurt

General Mills' Yoplait puts a "new" label on its single-serve Greek yogurt SKUs.

Waffle Chip Dippers from Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins describes its Waffle Chip Dippers as "a whole new way to eat soft serve" ice cream. The FSI includes the logos of Mars' M&Ms and Snickers.

Yogurt is positioned as a snack09-09-Yocrunch.png

  • YoCrunch states that "any time is YoCrunch time" and shows various multipack and single-serve SKUs for breakfast, lunch, snacking and dessert. Various packages include the logos of Honey Bunches of Oats (Post Foods), M&Ms (Mars), and Chips Ahoy and Oreo (Kraft Foods).
  • Dole touts its make-at-home Shakers smoothies, made with yogurt.

Stouffer's uses real Cheddar cheese in its mac & cheese

Nestle's Stouffer's brand shows a plate of macaroni and cheese under the headline "So cheesy, so good!" The FSI notes the packaged food is "made with 100% real cheddar cheese" and calls the food "the real cheese lover's mac 'n cheese."

Dairy ingredients in nutritional supplements

  • Nature's Bounty introduces a protein and vitamin shake mix made with whey protein concentrate.
  • Abbott Nutrition promotes its PediaSure brands, made with milk protein concentrate, and Ensure, made with whey protein isolate.