General Mills Yoplait greek yogurt Yoplait light fsi free-standing insert blog dairyfoods.comFree-standing insert activity was light for the week beginning Sunday, July 15. General Mill's Yoplait brand was the only dairy food taking FSIs. WhiteWave (a unit of Dean) promoted its Silk almond beverages.

Yoplait Light instructs readers to "add some crunch to your creamy" by mixing in granola inclusions. The FSI for another yogurt SKU shows General Mills' Nature Valley brand granola under the headline "try the great taste of Yoplait Greek."  

Silk states its PureAlmond beverage is "a taste you'll love on cereal" and makes the claim that the beverage has "50% more calcium than milk." A second FSI promotes 8-ounce single-serve portions with the headline "on the go meets oh my goodness." A Facebook logo directs readers to the social media site.

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