Milkadamia continues to have its moment. The company notes that due to its creamy texture, smooth taste and nutritional benefits, Milkadamia’s array of creamy milks will have consumers saying goodbye to almond and oat alternatives for the taste of iced or hot coffee or tea made from vegan milkadamia nuts.

Made from raw, never roasted macadamia nuts for a smooth, easy flavor, the brand debuts two  new products: Milkadamia Coffee Latte, made from 100% arabica coffee and balanced with smooth macadamia milk for an elevated morning classic; and Milkadamia Milk Tea, a delightful combination of delicious macadamia milk and floral black tea for a refreshing classic.

Additionally, the new vegan products contain no added sugar, they froth and foam like a dream, and are dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO certified, the company says.

The raw macadamias come from Milkadamia's farms, Jindilli (the indigenous word for macadamias), near Australia's Eastern Coast. The brand is a forerunner in regenerative farming practices (restoring the biodiversity and composition of the soil to yield more nutrients and sequestering carbon to let the Earth breathe easier).

According to the company, all of the care and flair put into the products are not only a welcome source for vegans and those looking to consume less dairy, but macadamias are low in carbs, high in healthy fats, and rich in antioxidants.

Milkadamia Coffee Latte is available in Sprouts, Fresh Thyme, select Costco divisions, and Safeway Albertson’s stores for a suggested retail price of $3.69-$6.99.