Snoop Dogg loves much more than just "Gin and Juice." He truly loves ice cream.

“It’s been a life-long dream for Snoop to own his own ice cream brand. I think he said it best when he said that, 'When I am no longer rapping, I want to open an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg," Jeremy Reich, chief strategy officer of Happi Co., whom Snoop Dogg teamed with to process ice cream, told Dairy Foods. 'But why [have] an ice cream parlor when I could bring ice cream to people everywhere? Not to mention my dream is coming true and I'm still rapping!'" 

"Ice cream is more than a snack to Snoop, it’s a way to chill, relax and get happy. Snoop wants to bring a smile to your face and ease your mind and he believes that this brand will do that," Reich adds.

Called Dr. Bombay Ice Cream, the U.S.-processed product rolled out to 3,500 Walmart stores in late July. Available flavors are Bonus Track Brownie, Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream, Iced Out Orange Cream, Rollin' In the Dough, S'more Vibes, Syrupy Waffle Sundaze and Tropical Sherbet Swizzle.

Regarding the flavors selection, all were hand selected and inspired by Snoop Dogg, Reich stressed. "He specifically requested that we include a sherbet in the selection and it’s one of our favorites too. Snoop loves to mix and match flavors and that can be seen across the brand’s offering, like the dessert for breakfast with our Syrupy Waffle Sundaze Ice Cream," he said. "We plan to launch new flavors in the same way Snoop launches music, with singles, albums, and remixes dropping throughout the year."

Dr. Bombay is a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT (non-fungible token) owned by Snoop Dogg that has now transitioned from the digital realm to the physical world, becoming a modern-day mascot. Snoop Dogg is known as a true innovator in the NFT space. He's taken his owned NFT to the next level giving Dr. Bombay his own identity that is soon to grow into a household name.

"This IRL sidekick is truly an extension of Snoop’s personality and could even be considered somewhat of an alter ego," Reich said. "He has been actively participating in performances, appearances, and is now ready to grace the freezer shelves, adding an extra layer of excitement to the brand. I really think Snoop said it best when he said, 'Fans will notice that my sidekick, Dr. Bombay is the name, face, and persona of this brand. That’s because he’s like a son to me and you always want your kids to be more successful than you are, that’s my goal in building this lifestyle brand by starting with ice cream.'"

Reich adds that Snoop Dogg is a cofounder and the visionary behind the brand and will remain heavily involved in the business. "This venture was always a life-long dream for Snoop. He just needed the right partner, which is where we came in." Reich noted. "Snoop Dogg has personally curated every aspect of the business, from the format of ice cream pints to the selection of flavors. He will remain the cofounder of the brand working behind the scenes with myself and the Happi Co. team while his muse, Dr. Bombay will serve as the face of the brand.”

Happi Co. serves as a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company whose goal is to revolutionizing the consumer experience. "With core values of partnership, transparency, and innovation, we envision becoming trailblazers in the CPG industry, setting new standards in product development," Reich said. "At Happi Co., we make relationships a priority and you’ll see that through the brands we work with and the vendors we serve. We have tremendous respect for our vendor partners, one of which you’ll see in this launch being Walmart. It was important to Snoop that his partners value those meaningful and authentic relationships with key members of the industry as Happi Co. does.”

Walmart is the first stop for Dr. Bombay Ice Cream. The brand is about to expand exponentially, with plenty of more retailers about to sell the product.

"You’ll see Dr. Bombay rollout at Winn Dixie in the next few days, then ShopRite, Albertsons/Safeway, and Gopuff in the coming months," Reich concluded.

Photo courtesy of Happi Co.